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    A pilot 1:1 classes ( critical issues )

      Hi ..

      We are implementing 1:1 classes in Egypt and I want to learn more about what are critical issues when students first using their tablets and how teachers can help to overcome these issues ?


      thanks ..

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          Hi Mahmoud, We are also piloting tablets for elementary school kids 3 to 5 years old with a private school system here in Pakistan. Our Intel Education team along with their curriculum team are mapping activities these days specifically for numerics, language and science. We want to be ready with content mapping for implementation before mid July so that we have enough time for respective teacher trainings for each subject. For us the first and foremost issue was and still is that the teachers should be ready with the content and clear how they are going to utilize these devices in their classrooms achieving their learning objectives. Really great that you started this discussion, we will be following closely. thanks & regards

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            I am a middle school math teacher in Indianapolis, IN.  We had many difficulties with our first attempt last year at 1:1 computing in the middle school.  The biggest issues were computer malfunctions, limited connectivity at school, and students that did not have internet access at home. 


            The laptops we purchased had many issues, so our tech guy was very busy.  At times some students did not have their laptops available because they were being worked on.  


            We found out that at any given time only about 15 students could actually access the internet at one time.  Our system just did not have the ability to handle that much at once.  Some work is being done this summer to hopefully correct that issue.  I would highly recommend checking what your system can hold before trying to do a lesson where all students need access.  I did a lot of activities where students worked in pairs.


            The last problem was with students' access at home.  I ended up offering lab time for students at lunch/recess time for students that did not have access at home.  I have heard of some teachers offering time before or after school as well.


            Hope this is helpful. 

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              Good Morning,

              Our district rolled out our laptop tablets to students last school year.  Taking time to teach students the rights and responsibilities, policies and procedures and proper care for their tablets is crucial. This up-front time that your teachers spend on these issues will only make implementation go smoother, and it sets the ground work for a transition to learning with their tablet. 

              Set norms and expectations

              Follow through and be consistent

              Keep working to make the necessary changes


              It will be fine!

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                Good Morning,

                Unfortunately, there are negative attitudes of teachers towards the use of modern technologies in education, fear of change strategies and learning styles used in traditional classrooms.
                There are also shortcomings in technical and professional development for teachers and a decrease in the level of technical support.
                We must develop positive attitudes towards the use of technology in education and integration between traditional learning methods, electronic and increase the chances of technical and professional development for teachers and raise the efficiency of technical support.
                Thank you for your follow-up

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                  Students will want to chat with and email each other, therefore, use that desire to encourage students to collaborate with each other and to share impressions and ideas with each other. One way we do that, is we share a google doc with our kids, and as they read, they make comments along the side of the doc. They can add to each other's comments, answer each others' questions, and ask their own questions.

                  Students will also want to play games on the computer, so create games for them to play and find games that fit your topics of study.

                  I was reticent about my  ability to use the laptops with my kids, but I am so excited to have this tool available.

                  Best wishes.