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    Do you frontload?


      Front loading lessons can help teachers build background knowledge, understanding and create an active learning environment for all students.  Using this process, teachers might choose to share videos introducing the lesson, have students interview experts, collaborate on an activity, etc. to prepare for a classroom lesson.  This strategy can help to place students in charge of their learning and promote personal growth, problem solving, higher order thinking and other career advancing skills,  Don Johnston concluded in his study, "Front loading the core curriculum" that frontloading can be used to build background knowledge and provide students common experiences to perform with the same mental model.


      Have you considered using frontloading in your classroom to activate learning?  What frontloading strategies have exhibited the best results in your classroom?  What tools or resources did you use to frontload the lesson?

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          I generally use a short video clip (2-3 minutes) to frontload my lessons. I find students engaged as they watch the video (often there are side discussions about the video as well.) While these videos introduce what we are learning, they usually are not complete in explanation. This format allows my students to use discovery and inquiry in their learning process.


          I'm interested in learning other frontloading methods used in classrooms. Please share with the group.

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            It's the 1st time for me to here  the expression frontload . I'll consider using this term and some strategies you mentioned in this topic. Thank you.