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    How I Spent My Summer 2.0


      I know it is not quite July, but I was thinking (based on some other discussions out there) about how teachers, particularly in the elementary and middle school classrooms, could revamp the old intro essay of "How I Spent My Summer." If there was access to a 1:1 style set up, there are potentially some pretty cool ideas I have come up with. My initial thought, since I am a social studies teacher, is creating a Google Earth Tour. Using the tools, each student could upload photos taken on the vacation or at camp and find the places where they went, mark them and add the photos or even videos. If a student broke their leg or did not have the opportunity to travel, they could be the master cartographers that compile all the kmz files together into one big class map. Students could then present it at a walk the schedule night.


      Any other ways to spice up this old standby of an ice breaker assignment? I know you all out there have some great ideas forit