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    Tech savy and less tech savy issue.



      We have a rich diversity of technologically savy staff members in our educational community.


      I have often seen staff use the latest technologies to communicate and share information with other less tech savy staff members.


      Often the more tech savy staff members are happy to work with those who are up to speed with thier level of tecnological understanding but are reluctant to help or are too busy to explain to the less tech savy staff member.


      Any suggested strategies would be most welcome.

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          If someone has "figured it out", they recognize the process to obtain that knowledge.  They may not have nor want to spend the time to explain or help another that does not possess the same technology skills.


          I think the thing to consider is this.


          What will be the incentives for those that "know" to help those that don't?


          Once you can get the "more tech savy staff" to recognize the benefit of sharing and assisting others, they will be more likely to invest that time to work with others.


          I would draft up a couple goals, then get your savy staff on board to help others.  Have a plan to reward those that successfully share.  (gifts, recognitions, sandwich coupons, something)


          I've shared a lot of technology advice and support for a sub sandwich!!

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            I had a VERY less-tech savvy teacher in my building. He basically was of the opinion that email was optional and Google was a tool to search for sports scores. I hoped to help him so his English students could have more tech experiences. I showed him Wikis in Plain English.

            When he finished watching the video, he blurted out "that's what all our students should be doing! Why are we not doing this in the school?" I smiled and asked how I could help him. He was excited to learn how to set up a wiki for his students and get them collaboratively writing. I did not lecture on how technology benefits students - rather I let him discover it on his own.


            I'm interested in hearing other methods this tech savvy group uses to engage teachers.

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              I must say our building is blessed with wonderful staff members who are more than willing to help anyone who is in need. Our Prof. Development Comm. is great at paying a small stipend to those who would be willing to spend an hour or so after school to teach other staff members who are not tech. savvy.

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                Similar to an earlier post, once the less tech savvy are shown what is possible for the students, they usually join in. As the computer lab person, I will approach students and give them alternative methods to getting their projects done. When the teacher sees this more interesting method, they then pick it up for the next year. Returning students now ask what new stuff is out there for them to impress the teacher.


                A direct training I do for the teachers is when they come in with a handout with plenty of URLs on it, I show them and the students URL shorteners. Teachers love the fact they just saved their time and their students' time. Some then ask prior to coming to the computer lab what they can do to save time.


                I do a monthly posting called Taming and Training the Technophobe. Take a look.

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