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    Presentation app for the iPad-Videolicious: Taming and Training the Technophobe


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           Taming and Training the Technophobe has moved from the simple to the more complex on many issues since we first started nine months ago. Five of those topics dealt with presentation methods centered on PowerPoint and different presentation options, such as VoiceThread and PREZI. This month, we are going to move from desktop/laptop presentation methods to iPad presentations. PowerPoint, VoiceThread and PREZI can be presented on an iPad. Many apps accept either pictures (PowerPoint can be saved as pictures: jpeg) or PDF files (again PowerPoint can be saved as PDF files!) Unfortunately, when saved as jpeg or PDF, the animation is lost. Hyperlinks will still work with PDF files.

           So are iPad apps that show slides not interactive? Are they only pictures with hyperlinks?

           To get started, take a look at how to save PowerPoint or Google Presentation in different formats. Using either your email (as an attachment), Dropbox (free account connecting your files between devices), Google (free account connecting your files between devices), or a method of your choice, get the slides onto your iPad.

           There is some variation in how to open your jpeg and PDF files, but here are the two most common ways. If you open up an app, there may be a button to tap to open a file. You will be given options where to find the file, and hopefully the method you used to get the material on your iPad is listed. Take a look at the options available, because you may have to use this information for “Plan B”.  A second option is to go to where your file is stored on your iPad and click on it. You will be given several options on how to view it. Hopefully your app is listed. Like the first option, make note as to what is available. It may be that the app only takes jpeg and not PDFs.

           Great…. We can open our files in an app! Which app is the best? Best for what? You need to determine what you want to do with this information. Present only? Present and assess using the same app? Present and add to the slide? Present and have students “take over” the presentation? There are many options, and Taming and Training the Technophobe with your help will answer them!

      We will start with PRESENTATION APPS.

           Go to Videolicious online to see the different versions you can use and then get it in the app store. I use the free version. This app can be used for presentation or assessment. Please take some of your pictures, or converted PowerPoint and create a Videolicious presentation. Here is one I created on how to tie shoes. It is also embedded below. Instead of tying a knot twice to keep it from undoing, try this way to tie a double knot! It doesn't come undone by itself!   I alternated between slides and live action. You only have one minute with the free version! It could also have been how to do a project, or a lab, or a math problem or a…. I think you get the idea.

      When you post it, please include information on how easy/hard it was. How could you use this app in your class? Was this presentation a presentation on how to do something, or an assessment showing that I know how to do something? Hmmm.