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    Google Poetics

      Has anybody tried generating a google poem using a search phrase? Here is a link to a brief article about Google Poetics.

      Here are a couple I just generated. Much of the poetry is in the way the poem is presented.


      Students are.PNGTeachers are.PNG


      OK, let's see some of your Google poems, or better yet, let's hear your poems.

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          Well, Eric, while I, admittedly, do not have a poem here to share...I'll think though...I find this very interesting.  Whenever I was, as the article points out, attempting to find answers by turning to Google rather than by turning to actual people, I assumed that the items that were popping up were the most searched items or phrases out there.  Now, I see (according to the article), that the items that pop up are b/c the search engine is trying to "predict" what I'll type.  Is that b/c of the most popular searches or b/c it's been "watching" what I, in particular, am most likely to look up...  Interesting stuff.    Okay...still, no poem...but this is almost fun.


          Here's what popped up for, "Teachers are..."Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 7.46.12 PM.png  = cute!! 

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            Interesting poems as well as writing prompts. I searched using two different computers, one I always use, and the other I never do a search on. The results were the same. Each computer had a different user signed into Google.


            Thanks for the entertainment. Google Poem.PNG

            I did not get the same results with Bing or Yahoo. Yeah Google!