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    1 Day remaining-ACTION REQUIRED: Prepare for Single Sign on between Intel® Education Teaching Tools and Intel® Teachers Engage


      Beginning December 16th, Intel Teachers Engage community and Intel® Education Teaching Tools (Assessing Projects and the thinking tools: Visual Ranking, Showing Evidence and Seeing Reason) will use the same Login ID and password. When you log in to the Teachers Engage Community you will have seamless access to your Intel® Education Teaching Tools account.



      For a smooth transition, please complete the following actions:


      • Verify that your email listed in your profile for Teachers Engage is the same email associated with your Teaching Tools account.
      • If they are not the same, you will lose access to your community account. Edit either profile so they are the same before December 16th.
      • Edit your community profile and check “show” under your first and last name. This is what will display next to your posts in community instead of your Username.
        • Why do I want to do that? After December 16th, your Username in community will not function. Your Login ID for your Teaching Tools account will display instead. Many of you have chosen to use your email for your Teaching Tools account Login ID; you don’t want to display your email next to all your posts in community.
        • Another option is to edit your Login ID for your Teaching Tools account instead so that it is appropriate for community.


      • If you don’t have a Teaching Tools account, sign up for one now as you will need an account to access the Teachers Engage community after December 16th.  Use the same Login, password, and email as your Teachers Engage Community account to make the merging process easier.

      Review the Single Sign On FAQ and let us know what questions you have about single sign on.