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    The World is Flat


      In the first chapter Thomas Friedman describes how he developed the idea for the book "The World is Flat". From the realization that the global economic playing field is being flattened came the title "The World is Flat". In his book, Friedman identifies three stages or eras of globalization.  What from his book can you relate to world events?

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          An example of the Flattened World is the global effect of the economic downturn.

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            Wars are no longer fought in isolation. Due to the advent of the internet and globalization of media, practically everyone in the developed and developing world is aware of conflicts between nations and factions. This take these conflicts to a different level. Public perception is now as important in the decisions made in administration of conflicts as any other factors.

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              The world is flat is more about the total picture of a global society, so if you want to see that flatness and how it affects technology, then you need to pick up Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky.  It is a great look at how technology has flattened our world.  Shirky shows us throughout the book, why it is important for everyone to know how to access and use the tools of technology.  Grab the book and follow a stolen cell phone throughout the city of New York and see how a friend helped someone recover the phone and use technology to force the thief to return the phone.