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    Building Community: Back2School Activities- Techno-Style!


      This August radio broadcast will jump start your back to school activites with the focus on building a community of learners in your classroom. We are adding a new twist to renew team build collaboration activities techno-style! Click on the blue title below to listen to the radio broadcast show:

      Building Community: Back2School Fun | Spreaker - Be Heard

      *What types of ice-breaker activities have you found to be a successful collaborative or "getting to know you"  activities? Please share your ideas- love to hear your thoughts!



      Resources shared today:

      Common Core and & EdTech



      Back to School Ice Breakers



      Apps mentioned:

      Book Creator for iPad ($3.99) and Book Creator Free

      Book Writer ($1.99)

      HeadsUp! ($.99)

      Skitch (free)

      Haiku Deck (free)
      Visualize Free (free and $$)
      PaperPort Notes (free)
      Noteability ($$)

      Websites and tools mentioned:

      Bingo Maker http://bingomaker.com

      Google Docs http://docs.google.com 

      Google Presentations http://docs.google.com

      Google Templates Google Drive

      Reflector http://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector

      Air Server http://www.airserver.com

      Online Timer Steep.it http://steep.it

      Chrome Timers: 1 Click Timer of Talking Alarm Clock