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    K-12 program

      Hello!to my co-Intel engage teachers.  I am new to this discussion, because this is online and I hope somebody will answer my question.  We started adopting the K-12 program last year. This year is our second year of embracing the new educational trend in our school/country. How Intel helps in the fulfillment of the K-12 classroom?

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          Hi Gina,


          Good day. I am a Math teacher in the College of Education, MSU - Iligan Institute of Technology. What subject do you teach?


          I found online self paced courses ( Elements courses) helpful on implementing K-12 curriculum. The content of these courses may  enhance our understanding student-centered pedagogy which is one of the key element of K-12 curriculum.


          1. Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms: http://fit-ed.org/intelteachelements/assessment/index.php
          2. Project Based Approaches: http://fit-ed.org/intelteachelements/projectbased/index.php
          3. Collaboration in the Digital Classroom: http://fit-ed.org/intelteachelements/collaboration/index.php
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              Hello ma'am Amy!


              A pleasant day to you, and nice meeting you ma'am.

              I am Gina Asula of Katipunan National High School in the province of Zamboanga del Norte. I am teaching T.L.E. - Basic Computer Education for 12 years and up to the present. The activities that I am giving to my students are integrated to other subjects especially English. I felt proud and happy that a teacher from MSU-IIT answered my question.  I would like to say thank you so much ma'am for giving me the links on the courses you have mentioned. I followed the links.  As of last week of July, we from Zamboanga del Norte Division had just started the modules on the Assessment in the 21st Century Classroom.  We have also online meeting/discussion with our online facilitator done in the computer lab. in the division office.  We do hope that we can comply all the activities for the different courses in Intel Engage.


              Again ma'am Amy, thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

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              Hello Gina!

              You came to the right place!

              Intel, through Intel Education and Intel Philippines, is supporting the K to 12 Basic Education Program in the Philippines-- both directly and indirectly, and for free.


              One of the indirect ways is through the Intel Teach Elements courses suggested by Amy. Teachers who take these courses learn about the same key concepts promoted in our K to 12 curriculum. The courses are a good way to start if you want to make sense of what the philosophy, key features and goals of the Philippines' K to 12 Basic Education Program may look like in actual classrooms.


              Directly, Intel Education also provides the Adobe Connect webinar platform that UP NISMED (that's where I work) uses to run our K to 12 science webinars for teachers. Last year, we did a series for Grade 7 Science; this year, it's for Grade 8 science. In the webinars, the science writers-- most of whom are from NISMED, explain in detail the contents of the modules and discuss how best to facilitate each learning activity. The webinars take place every 4th Friday of the month, from 4:00 to 5:30 in the afternoon. Teachers can also view the recorded webinars that they miss to attend. Since you are the school ICT coordinator, you can help science teachers in your school attend these webinars by setting up the computer and Internet connection for them, or helping them access the past webinars through the recordings. You can email me your contact details so we can coordinate with you on how to do it. There’s a webinar scheduled on August 23. The topic is Grade 8 Science Unit 2 Earth and Space. Let's start with this.


              Another direct support is the Teachers Engage community discussions. Since you are already here, you can join the Group called DepEd K-12 Assessment (just click, I already embedded the link). The group is moderated by Joseph Jacob of the Bureau of Secondary Education and is about the implementation of the DepEd K to 12 assessment and rating system. (Of course, you can also join the Intel Teach Philippines Group here in Engage if you haven't yet.)


              There may be more Intel initiatives I am not aware of, but I hope that my answers have guided you.



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                  Hi ma'am Celia, good noon!


                  I am so blessed because somebody from UP NISMED answered my question.  Ma'am nice meeting you. Just like ma'am Amy who gave me links of the Intel Elements  courses, I just want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for rendering your precious time answering my query.  I learned a lot from you who talked about the direct ways. I am very much interested of the webinars you have mentioned especially the next schedule which is on August 23.  I will try to consult my co-teachers who are teaching Grade 8 Science. I do hope we can attend the webinar on that date.  It is really a big help for them. I am also interested of the past webinars you have mentioned.  I already joined the group DepEd K -12 Assessment ma'am just only today.  I hope I can also join the Intel Teach Phil. Group in Engage.  I had a training before way back 2001 on Intel Teach to the Future but that was all about how to operate a computer using the basic application programs intended for the students. A week after the training, 11 units CRT type computers arrived in our school which we used for ten years. We are so happy and proud to say that some of the students and teachers become computer literate.


                  I am so sorry to tell you that I have just replied to you only today because we are still fixing the Internet Connection of our school.

                  Here's my contact details ma'am Cel;

                            Cel No.:  09213161200

                            E-mail Add:  gasula@yahoo.com

                  Again m'am Cel thank you so much for sharing your time and ideas to me.

                  God bless!



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                      Hi Gina!

                      I sent you an invite email for the August 23 webinar. Please forward it to other ICT coordinators and science teachers you know. In fact, you can share it with your division ICT Coordinator and Science Supervisor. You can then use the same arrangement that you are doing with the Elements Course-- i.e., use the ICT facility at the division office for the webinar. This is what others are doing. For example, the Division of Dasmariñas Cavite uses just one computer connected to the Internet and a projector to enable the 20+ public and private school Grade 8 teachers to participate in the webinar. Many other schools do the same. That way, they save on bandwidth.


                      I am glad to meet (at least online) someone who was part of the Intel Teach to the Future Program when it started in the Philippines. I joined Intel Teach in 2000 as Senior Trainer. Amy was a regional trainer and belongs to the first batch of 64 regional trainers we trained in 2001. The trainer who trained you must have been her batchmate. Welcome back to Intel Teach, Gina! Dapat pala sumali ka na sa Intel Teach Philippines Group now.


                      Looking forward to having you at the webinar!




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                          Hi ma'am Celia!

                          Good evening ma'am!

                          Thank you so much for the e-mailed invitation to the Aug.23 webinar. I would like to thank you also for the text messages regarding the webinar. I am so glad for that ma'am.  I told some teachers about that. I also forwarded to our Master Teacher in Science the invitation you have sent to me and planning to forward it to our Science Supervisor who is also the Alternate ICT Coordinator of our division. Anyway, the Z.N. Group will convene tomorrow at the Z.N. Com Lab with our ICT Coordinator for a meeting. Our Science teachers are very much interested for the said webinar.` Thank you also for the instructions indicated there.


                          I am proud to say that I met a Senior Trainer like you, a pioneer member of the Intel Teach Philippines and ma'am Amy too. I'm sure, the trainers who trained us at WMSU Zamboanga City were batchmates of ma'am Amy because they were regional trainers also like ma'am Genevieve Kulong and a male teacher from Zamboanga del Norte, I forgot his surname. He is now a lawyer and working in the Civil Service Commission. Nakakataba ng puso if isa ako sa members ng Intel teach Philippines Group.  I wish to join if that will be granted.Thanks ma'am.


                          Once again ma'am Cel, thank you so much, and for your time and patience.


                          God bless!