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    internet connection problem

      How can I use the online teaching to my classroom when we don't have the internet connection in our school because it will cost a lot?

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          Good evening ma'am Annabelle, I am Gina from Zamboanga del Norte Division. I am currently teaching in a public high school in our town Katipunan, teaching fourth year high school students about Basic Computer Education.  Well, Internet connection is the number one problem of most schools especially in provinces.  Our school has Internet Connection but it has a slow connection maybe because of the tall trees that surround the SMART tower that's why our canopy has the difficulty in picking up signal.  We suffered months without connection, and when it is fixed by the installer, we only enjoy few weeks to one month.  Now, as advised by the installer, we installed a 70 ft. tower from the ground unlike before we had only a pole of 40 ft. on top of the administration building.  We also planned to put up a satellite dish where the canopy be placed inside it. The monthly subscription fee is taken from the laboratory fee of the students (from fourth year only) an amount of 999.00(unlimited). Regarding your problem, why not consult your principal and talk about it?and maybe this problem will be brought out to the parents during your P.T.A. meeting. As I have heard from other schools, as agreed in their P.T.A. meeting that all students should pay for the Internet fee whether he/she is a user or not, maybe that would be  possible in your school. It's up to your school and the parents' decision but you have to explain well the uses/importance of having an internet connection in the school.  Another option is, if you have a computer whether a PC , laptop or notebook just purchase a plug and play gadget for internet connection, and have an internet load for one day or two. Although it is not unlimited but just for the sake of your e- classes.  I think online teaching is not done everyday.  I hope I have shared a little about your problem.  Good luck!