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    Technology Resolutions


      At the start of a new year many people make New Year's resolutions. I was wondering if anyone made a New Year's resolution that includes technology.  Like giving your self an hour each week to explore new resources or plans on introducing a new collaboration tool with students. If you have plans for 2010 that include technology please share.

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          I have so many! But a couple of my goals are to become more efficient with the use of online collaborative tools and to go from using multiple flash drives to one portable hard drive.

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            I too have many flash drives with info. I bought an external hard drive to back up everything but I still use the flash drives and I have them labeled with colored dots depending on what projects I have on them. My goal is to encourage some of the organizations I work with to use more efficient technologies for the job that needs to be done. Personally, I would like to be more efficient with the technology I have, sometimes having too much can be overwhelming.

            I got a Kindle for Christmas and I love it!