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    What's your favorite/most indispensible online "teacher" tool?

      I loved the discussion that Naomi started on tools you use to inspire... Here's a slightly different twist that will help us with the upcoming Elements Collaboration course... What Web 2.0 tool do you use all the time? What has just become a part of your teaching and/or a regular part of how you manage, communicate, and coordinate? So I'm looking for the online tools you use to support your own productivity and teaching.


      thanks! I just love the collective wisdom and experience in this group!



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          Judy, there are so many great tools.   I am going to choose two:  Google Docs and Jing.  


          I love Google Docs for sharing documents with teachers.  It is a great tool for collaborative planning.  I've also used it with students (and as a doctoral student) for shared note-taking.   Alan November has suggested assigning a "student scribe of the day" to take notes in Google Docs as a way to increase student engagement, responsibility and to improve student's note-taking skill. 


          I love Jingproject.com for creating narrated screen captures.  These can be used to show how to do something technical or can introduce content which students can view at anytime they have Internet access.  Students can also use Jingproject.com to create narrated screen captures to demonstrate understanding of what they've learned.


          I hope you're doing well!

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            Google Docs for sure.


            I've recently found another tool that maybe is dispensible, but ultra cool anyway...Vuvox. http://www.vuvox.com


            Vuvox creates interactive panoramic collages from your photos, videos, text and audio clips into interactive stories.


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            Title IID Program

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              I use wikis and the Ning network all the time. I no longer put together powerpoints for presentations or trainings. I set up everything on a wiki. I put my schedule, times, activities and links to resources all on the wiki. When teachers leave they have access to everything I have presented to them. If I have additional files that I want to share with them, I just upload them to the wiki. I prefer PB Works. It is user-friendly and they give you an adequate amount of space and you can create as many wikis as you like.



              I also use the Ning network all the time. Most of the time I create a coordinating Ning to go along with my wiki. I often refer to my wiki as my textbook and my Ning as a place for teachers to collaborate, communicate and share additional ideas. By using the Ning, learning is continuous and does not stop when the workshop is over. I have found this to be a very helpful tool because it allows teachers to continue to learn and share ideas. I can see what they have learned and key in on details that need to be expanded or added future trainings.



              I also enjoy using Google, Dropio and Tokbox. There is a Tokbox apps for Ning so teachers that are working on the Ning can participate in a live conversation with fellow educators.



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                I use SO many different tools on a regular basis that it is VERY difficult to select a favorite or most indispensible "teacher" tool!


                I tried hard to select a single tool for this post. I'm not positive I've selected my one and only "indispensable" teacher tool. This is probably due to my father's definition of indispensable. If you put something into a glass of water, then pull it back out and there is a hole in the water ... it is indispensable!"


                I've used Wordle a lot recently. In fact, today students used Wordle as a formative assessment. They thought they were having a lot of fun - I thought they were doing a great job of showing me how much they understood of Science Processes and Skills.

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                  I should have known better than to ask you to narrow it down to one tool. Top handful would have been fine, too. What are the other ways you use wordle? I think it's a cool tool (just used it yesterday), but I'm not sure I see all the applications you're finding for it. If you have any samples to share, that would be great, too.


                  Thanks, as always,


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                    I love Wordle also. I've used it a lot to put in objectives/goals of projects. I have often used it to compare old objectives with new one. One way I've used it with students and teachers, is that they had to write a 6-Word Memoir and then turn it into a Wordle document.  http://www.npr.org/programs/totn/features/2008/02/memoir/gallery/index.html


                    I've also used it with students to describe themselves as scientists along with using the 6 Word Memoir framework.

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                      Google docs--an oldie but goodie! Can't argue with that! I haven't taken a look at Jing yet--will definitely do so! Thanks so much!

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                        Another vote for Google Docs--thanks! BTW, how do you actually use Google Docs?


                        I spent time (way too much!) on Vuvox. Very interesting. Your "Try" kaleidoscope just about made me dizzy! Wowie. I also liked the look of "My Street, My Door" where the images change on the other side of an open door.


                        Another site that somewhat reminds me of this collage type of presenting is Prezi--mentioned in the other thread. I really liked the one discussing Twitter. http://prezi.com/_zsi_7hly1ns/


                        After being barraged with PowerPoint for the last 20 years, it feels very refreshing to communicate with different media forms that feels non-linear.





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                          I'm a Prezi fan too! Now, if I just had some time to create some quality things with these great tools.

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                            Thanks, Vanessa, these are great. I have to confess that I just don't get this Ning business. I have tried...I suppose if instead of lurking around, I actually jumped in and experienced it firsthand and see exactly what a ning is, it would all make sense.


                            And when you say "Google" -- which application in particular?


                            I looked at Dropio and Tokbox briefly--they look very interesting. Since Dropio is a paid site, that's as far as I'll go, but I'll see if I can get anyone to try out Tokbox. Do you use that instead of Skype? Or just as a beefed up email?


                            Thanks again!



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                              I'll invite you a science Ning that I'm using with teachers in my district. We are basically using it as a place to share ideas etc. We are not using it in the conventional way because just posting anywhere and everywhere was stressing me. So I organized it in Blog and Forum sessions. I'm making a list of things that I would do differently the next time I do it. Once you get into the Ning on the top menu you will see the TokBox. TokBox is including in Ning as an application you can add to your Ning environment. There were a few others ones but Tokbox is the one that I've been experimenting with.  You can use TokBox within Ning and without.


                              We used to use Adobe Connect in my district but since we can only use it within the district, we found that TokBox works better. I still use both Skype and Tokbox. Skype was once blocked in our district. After much sweat and tears, we finally have access to Youtube. Since Toxbox is embedded within Ning teachers really just have to access one site.  I like how you can send video messages etc to everyone. Just started using it, so I probably haven't discovered all the features. I plan on using Toxbox in the next couple of months as a place where we can have mini webinars. Teachers that are part of my science project will be able to share project ideas and classroom activities and have the option of asking questions live. We are using TokBox instead of Adobe Connect because we can access it outside the district and after school hours.


                              Dropio...hmmm. I don't pay a fee. You get 100MB free.  Actually I don't use anything where I have to pay for it


                              I'll be happy to try out TokBox with you. Just let me know when.

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                                Wow. That's weird. drop.io has 2 completely different "front" doors: http://drop.io/ and the one you get when you search on google and click on the first paid ad: http://drop.io/file/freetrialsignup?AID=10687445&PID=746431&SID=afc0be47-f32b-4c08-9894-abdfeeb9fe04 -- no mention of  truly "free" on that one, no link to any help resources--just "give me your credit card." Yeah, I think I'll still stay away if that's how they do business. But glad it's working for you.



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                                  I loved those images and 6 word memoirs on NPR! Very cool. I was thinking just 6 words wouldn't be that effective/interesting in Wordle, but in this particular assignment--with the kind of depth that's required--I definitely see how it would work. Thanks for sharing.



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                                    Another great Science ning is "The Synapse." The focus of this group is the Biological Sciences. Recently we began a "new teacher" section of the group. Basic lesson ideas are uploaded and discussed - along with ideas on how to improve them.The plans have NOT been vetted, but are being vetted by peers who review the ideas. Groups have broken out based on common interests - including the addition of a link out to a GoogleWave.

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