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    Win a Trip for your Inspiring Story


      Contests are just one way to recognize and bring to focus the great things educators do for their profession, and ultimately our children. Thank you in advance for highlighting your story so we can celebrate with you as well as reflect on the impact of inspiring educators like you; our community is full of them! Find out the details at The specified item was not found..


      Participation in the Intel Teach Program is just one vehicle that promotes effective change towards a 21st century classroom.  And while it is only one program in the sea of many for which you participate, it is the one our Inspiring Educators contest is focusing on to highlight and celebrate your accomplishments. You all have a story to share...we all want to hear it, so please submit your story in our contest The specified item was not found.. Directions are to the left of Steve's handsome face. You can revise and resubmit up until the contest deadline.