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    Need a disability statement to add to online course policies

      Hi Engage community!


      I am looking for any type of disability statement that you all may use in your online PD courses.  We are dealing with an incident in one of our classes and started to think we should have some statement about teachers with any type of disability that would require special accommodations.




      Cathy Poplin, Arizona ITA



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          The first thing to do is be comfortable with whatever the government mandates if you receive any funds. Second, is to determine the philosophy of the school in being accessible to all and the amount of time willing to commit to this. Third, is it the school's responsibility to offer accessibility or the student to provide their own means of conversion?


          Some courses are easy to convert to audio or large text. If you are able to become familiar with adaptive devices prior to creating a course, if a student comes into the course, conversion will be easier.


          I know none of this has answered your question, but only offers suggestions for the future.


          Doing a quick read on several articles, I like the opening statement from a New York College.