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    Connected Educators (Month?)


      As many of you know we will be celebrating Connected Educators Month (CEM) starting October 1st. There are many activities planned for educators around the world to join. You can find a great listing of events at the Connected Educators website.


      Teachers connecting is a very "hot" topic in education right now. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and thought we could begin a conversation here and share our thoughts. I would like to begin the conversation by asking a few questions:

      1. What does it mean to be "connected?"
      2. Who should be connected?
      3. Why should we connect?
      4. How do we go about connecting?


      Please share your thoughts/experiences here and hopefully we can start building connections with each other. Also, if you are on Twitter, could you share your Twitter name so others may continue to build their PLN? Thanks!


      My Twitter name is @shyj