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    Sharing Shouldn’t Seem Scary !


      By failing to fully leverage the power of sharing, we stand in our own way of change in education. We can approach sharing from the perspective of being a learner. When we choose to see sharing as an opportunity to bounce ideas off of others, gather feedback, improve and refine our ideas then our reason for sharing shifts to that of learning. No longer will we feel the pressure or expectation to have perfected an idea prior to sharing it with our colleagues. No longer will sharing create feelings of anxiety. Nice read at . . . http://www.cea-ace.ca/blog/aaron-akune/2013/09/2/sharing-shouldn’t-seem-scary

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          Nice read. Thanks for sharing. It was interesting seeing the section on what is sharing... "to teach or to learn?"


          This change to foster sharing is caused by many changes in our thinking as teachers. Our goal is to prepare our children for the future. To do this we need:

                         to be guides on the side, not sages on the stage.

                         to use ourselves as examples of learning is an ongoing lifelong experience.

                         to show that "failure" is an option. An option to learn and improve.

                         to show that collaboration improves everyone.


          When I share, I think of Bloom's Taxonomy and learn at the beginning of the sharing, but then switch to teaching at the end, showing a different, new product or use. As pointed out in the article, if we are the expert, how are we to feel comfortable in the lower levels of Bloom when dealing with colleagues?


          I have found this list of Bloom to be handy when dealing with students as well as colleagues. It helps me slow myself down and appreciate how people react to each other. Have you seen this list before? What do you think of these words versus the action verbs in the first link?