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    New Members Start Here! (October-December 2013)

    Bonnie Feather

      Welcome to all new members! "New" simply means that you have not yet introduced yourself!


      I check in each day to see how many new members have joined the community around the world. It's quite exciting! Did you know we have members in Peru, Albania, the Phillipines, and the Czech Republic? Intel Education programs are expanding worldwide and improving education in many countries.


      Please introduce yourself here and tell us a bit about your education duties. Many people will be starting a new term soon...please tell us what would make your job easier- especially as it pertains to using Project-Based Learning in your situation. Or, tell us what new practice you will be trying out in the next term!


      Did you notice the "Bunny Person" image? Any time you see that image at the beginning of a discussion, it means that the discussion is incentivized. There will be a great prize drawn at the end of December from the names of all who introduce themselves in this discussion!


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      Welcome! Please don't hesitate to contact me any time you have questions regarding the Engage Community!


      ~Bonnie Feather

      Moderator, one of many here to help you!

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          Hello! I am the teacher of high school from Russia. I study and use "Estimation of projects"! I participate in the Intel projects in Russia! Yours faithfully, Elena.

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            I am a retired teacher back on task with the School district that I taught in for 1/3 century.  I have switched from the career technology department to the alternative education academy with an emphasis on Instruction and technology integration.  I am introducing CAD instruction for college credit to academy students this fall and have begun a district requested investigation into extended use of Learning Management Systems and Adaptive Learning.  If Intel Engage has an existing community focused on this arena I would like to join.  Our rural school district is focused on expanding learning opportunities for our strongly diverse community.  Dr. Reynold Gardner at ODE suggests there are potential resources within your organization that might prove fruitful for our efforts.

            Looking forward to feedback.  Mike

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              Soy docente de Nivel pre-media y media trabajando con las asignaturas orientadas al bachillerato de Comercio, la finalidad de esta empresa Intel me parece estupenda, los docentes a nivel latinoamericano necesitamos de las orientaciones pedagógicas reorientadas hacia el desarrollo, promoción y divulgación de las competencia y habilidades necesarias para que nuestros alumnos tengan éxito  en el siglo XXI, tanto en su vida profesional como personal y en comunidad.  El aprendizaje basado en proyectos me parece es una estrategia integral que permite que los estudiantes pongan en practica la solución de problemas de la vida diaria, les permite inferir, razonar integrar las herramientas tecnológicas, me parece que es un a idea estupenda.  Cuando regrese a mis aulas de clase por supuesto que lo voy a poner en práctica, es mas ya había iniciaba yo en mis primeros años de labor con  la integración de la tecnología aunque no era fácil me encontraba con muchos obstáculos. Espero que como ya esta mas generalizada la idea me sea mucho mas fácil.

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                New teacher from South Carolina.  Came across this site several years ago and set it aside.  Just came back across it and decided to dive in.  I am a Technology Integration Specialist for our district housed and responsible for technology integration in one high school.  We just went 1:1 with iPad minis and are going through the learning process with that.  Looking forward to learning and sharing in this environment.


                Also looking for information and resources to help teachers with PD in addition to everything else they have on their plate.

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                  I am a pre-kindergarten teacher in Austin. Tx.  Because of the proximity of my school to the University of Texas, I have many students from other countries.  This year, I have nine languages in my class.  I am experience many "new" challenges as I try to apply more project based learning, try to get more technoolgy in my classroom, and try to keep up with the demands of an active group.  I feel motivated to learn and to share!  I love having a cohort so I can learn new ideas.  I am a visual learner and benefit from seeing all the new ideas!  Looking forward to expanding my own knowledge.......feeling inspired!

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                    I am a Kindergarten teacher in Austin, TX  at Pease Elementary.  We are an all transfer school so we have a diverse group of students.  I enjoy learning more technology and work hard at implementing it into my classroom.  In my room you will find students working with "LiveScribe Pens", IPADS, Kendalls, Computers, Digiscopes, on SKYPE, etc...  They read estoria books, make digital stories on the computer and love to video each other.  I am implementing Project Based Learning this year and collaborating with Double Tree Hotel.  Our Kinder classes will learn the ins and outs of running a hotel and at the end of the year will be hosting a volunteer Appreciation Tea.  We will be documenting all we do with the use of technology.  Looking forward to hearing what others are doing.

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                      I have a passion for technology and have been working in the field of Educational Technology for over 20 years.  After spending 11 years within the Instructional Technology Department at Austin Community College, I spent seven years at Crockett High School as the Library Assistant, Campus Tech Specialist and the Educational Technology Resource Contact. (ETRC)


                      On a daily basis, I provide technical support on a variety of equipment and software and as the ETRC I make sure that any district wide initiative is executed seamlessly, allowing for easy integration into the classroom for teachers, students and campus staff.


                      I've  implemented and coordinated several technological advances over the years, some of which included numerous computer upgrades, equipment roll-outs as well as several customer service prioritizing programs.


                      In addition to all the technology support I provided during my time as a Library Assistant I enjoyed helping reluctant readers find that first GREAT book that started them on a path to a lifetime of reading.


                      Presently, I'm the Technology Support Specialist at LCPL Nicholas S. Perez Elementary. It is my hope to bring my years of technology experience and enthusiasm to the students, faculty and staff of this great community.


                      I'm a wife and the mom of two beautiful, smart and athletic girls, an avid Longhorn fan who enjoys sports, reading and of course....technology!

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                          My name is Jean Crockett.  I teach at Tangier Combined School on Tangier Island, Virginia.  Our community is small---500 people and so is our school--K-12 = 68 students.  We are located in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, 12 miles from the mainland.  We access the island by boat or plane.  Google us to get some sense of the type of community we are.  Our school is part of the Accomack County Board of Education, is fully accredited, and meeting AYP.


                          I am enrolled in Intel's 21st Century Assessment course through the Virginia Dept. of Ed. and was referred to this site by my facilitator.

                          I hope to use my time here to both give and take from my coworkers.

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                          Welcome creators yes I mean what I say ...I'm from Egypt and science teacher in the Prep school ...I'm trainer for Intel teach, and how using technology in education ...I'd  like to know what is your new and take advantage of your experiences and learn  from you.   

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                            My  name is Maura Laguna. I am from Panama. I am teaching English in a primary school.

                            I do not know too much about computer, but I will like to use with my students what I learned  in the seminar that

                            was about how to use the technology in the classroom.

                            So, I will appreciate your help.


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                              My name is Shelley Vail-Smith.  Currently, I am an elementary school principal at Hayden Elementary School in Hayden, Alabama, which houses third and fourth grades.  I also serve as an adjunct professor at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Although my expertise centers around curriculum development and instructional leadership, my personal goal this year is to increase my knowledge and skill with technology tools for classroom use, professional development, and adult learning.  I am hoping that I will learn a great deal from the people in this online community.

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                                Mi nombre es Ignacio Solano Toloza.Soy de Bucaramanga - Santander - Colombia.  Actualmente soy docente de aula de Educación Básica Primaria. En el 2014 estaré en el grado 5°. Me gusta la Indagación, la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación. Muy satisfecho de hacer parte de la Comunidad Docente INTEL.  Mi propósito es de adquirir una formación virtual para incorporarla al aula de clase y a las practicas pedagógicas para un mejor desempeño de niños, niñas y jóvenes escolares. Aprender de todos ustedes. Gracias por el mensaje de Bienvenida.

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                                  My name is Matt Meldrum. I am a High School Language Arts Curriculum Specialist for Austin Independent School District, in Austin, Texas. I am also a Teacher-Consultant with Heart of Texas Writing Project. Before my current position, a position I have held since summer of 2013, I was a high school English teacher grades 9-12, pre-AP and AP Language and Comp., for 10 years. I am a big believer in Project Based Learning, especially as it relates to writing for different audiences and purposes and using different mediums. I am here as a sponge to see what kinds of ideas around writing and technology I can absorb. If I were currently in a classroom, I would have an interest in getting students to create multi-modal kinds of writing--blogs, online essays with sound and imagery.

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                                    Hello everyone,

                                    Im Dentila Garipi, and it's my first time to be here, in Teachers engage.... I'm a ICT teacher in a high school in Durres city, in Albania. Technology has inspired more on my teaching and I try to use it... Nice to be here and get involved on this community!!! Keep in touch with everyone in every time,,,,  Best wishes for all!

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                                        Hi my name's Nino Alania and I am from Georgia. I am doing Intel project based learning course right now. And the course lead me to this web-site. I am so much thankful for everything I get on this project. Project is the favourite type of activity for my students and with the help of Intel my projects are getting well-organised and more motivating. I hope I will get chance here to attend webinars and discussions. Sharing experience is the best way to develop. Thank you all

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                                        Hi. My name is Mary Tijerina. I'm Professional Learning Specialist with Austin Independent School District in Austin, Texas.  I am here to network and research various ways to engage and provide professional learning to teachers.

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                                          Good teachers days, here they share their professional experience, a master of peru Thanks to engage intel, I have the opportunity to share my experiences of using technology in the classroom and how it facilitates learning to my students. soon I will share my work for the page and I will continue having their multiple contributions that you share me the same way. Thank you.

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                                            Hello.  My name is Andrew Tingleff and I have taught math at Robert College in Istanbul, Turkey for the last 14 years.  I am from the USA and I am always interested in new ways to integrate technology in the classroom.  My school is just starting a one to one laptop program so I am hoping to learn some new things from this group. Thanks.

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                                              Thanks to all who joined at the end of last year and introduced yourselves here! The results are in, and the drawing winner from this thread is....






                                              Kim, I'll be in touch via Direct Message about your prize.


                                              Thanks all, see you online.

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                                                As the old saying goes, "A day late and a dollar short."  I never got around to any introductions, but I really enjoyed the Intel course. I have signed up for the one on Blended Learning that starts in March so I'll try to be prompt when asked again.