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    Hundreds for Haiti


      I'd like to share a project we're doing at our 3-5 school, Hundreds for Haiti.  I've set up a wiki to invite others to join us in this project.  I know so many are doing different things to donate to the cause.  We'd love to have other schools add a page on our wiki to tell about what they're doing.  Please pass on our wiki to those you'd think would be interested in doing what we're doing or just sharing their projects.


      We are teaming with UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) to make health kits for Haiti victims.  Because we are nearing our 100th day of school we are collecting 100 items to fill gallon size ziploc bags along with monetary donations.

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          This is awesome! I know of several schools that are doing similar things to provide relief in their own way.I will share this wiki with them.

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            Deborah - what a great collaborative project!  I am going to pass this on to a few teachers that I know. My daughter just wrote a poem about the Haiti Earthquake and has had an interest in helping.  Julia

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              I enjoyed a great student created video at school today. Our Student Council and the other major leadership group "Latinos in Action" collaborated in making the video. They showed photos from Haiti and described conditions there. The video challenged all students to a competition next week ... this will be competition within each grade level. Thus we expect three "winning classrooms" in the school. The students are raising money to support relief efforts in Haiti. I was impressed with the quality of the work. EVERY student in my classroom was excited to contribute at the end of the video. I find this impressive because my school is at 57% free and reduced lunches this year. I think students really do care about the world around them (and the people in it.) This is just one example of what they can and want to accomplish.