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    "Full Steam Ahead: Girls as STEM Scholars in the Moble Learning Environment"


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      Full Steam Ahead: Girls as STEM Scholars | Spreaker - Be Heard


      Good Morning radio listeners- you are listing to the Intel Teachers Engage Digital Buzz radio show. I am your host Naomi Harm, coming to you live from Brownsville, MN today. It is a rainy and dreary day in the Midwest, but we are here to cheer you up from those rainy day blues with today’s focus of “Full STEAM Ahead: Inspiring Girls to Become STEM Scholars” within Your Mobile Learning Environment. This radio show will cover enrichment activities, online websites and mobile learning apps to engage, motivate and inspire the love for learning of a STEAM career. It will also Identify the importance of “STEAM” female mentors for girls in the ‘STEAM” classroom and note how to create an after-school "STEAM TEAM" camp or after school program within your school or district.

      I have attached for your review a PDF of the “Full STEAM Ahead: Inspiring Girls to Become STEM Scholars” presentation.

      QUESTION: "How do you inspire and purposefully plan for  "STEAM" integration in your curriculum or through a dedicated program?  Would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and shares of great websites or apps!" Please add your inspiration below!

      Here are all the resources mentioned in today's radio bradcast:

      Female Mentors: WITS On  https://piazza.com/witson

      Stem Connector  http://stemconnector.org/100women


      40 Important STEM Resources For Women

      I Was Wondering

      National Girls Collaborative Project

      Science: It’s A Girl Thing voice.png




      Explain Everything Jigsaw


      Explore Learning

      Intel STEM Resources

      K12 Videos at MIT

      My Physics Lab


      The Physics Classroom

      Brooke Martin invented an interactive dog treat dispenser!  Watch Brooke presenting her IC Pooch invention

      iCPooch Product Video with Inventor, Brooke Martin - Video Chat and Treat Delivery for Dogs!! - YouTube

      Edutopia Article http://www.edutopia.org/blog/stem-high-interest-projects-girls-suzie-boss

      Intel: K12 STEM Education Intel® Education

      Lego Female Scientist Figurine At last! LEGO creates a female scientist minifigure - TODAY.com

      All STEAM apps are listed and linked in the attached PDF presentation.