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    Fun Activity- Nov 2013-Dec 2013- Building Your Educator Wild Self



      Who remembers the classic children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are” by the late writer and illustrator  Maurice Sendak

      “The story focuses on a young boy named Max, who, after dressing in his wolf costume, wreaks havoc through his household and is disciplined by being sent to his bedroom. As he feels agitation with his mother, Max's bedroom undergoes a mysterious transformation into a jungle environment, and he winds up sailing to an island inhabited by malicious beasts known as the "Wild Things." After successfully intimidating the creatures, Max is hailed as the king of the Wild Things and enjoys a playful romp with his subjects; however, he decides to return home, to the Wild Things' dismay. After arriving in his bedroom, Max discovers a hot supper waiting for him.”

      Have you ever wished that you could undergo a mysterious transformation? Well, Teachers Engage Community members, now is your chance. For the next few months, we want you to BUILD YOUR WILD EDUCATOR SELF.  


      We would love to see your creativity in our community so here are the tasks to get in touch with your Wild Self:

      1. Visit the New York Zoos and Aquarium’s website- Build Your Wild Self (http://www.buildyourwildself.com/) and Build your Wild Educator Self.

      2. Come back to this thread and post your Educator Wild Self.

      3. Share what your Educator Wild Self would do. How would you transform education?  What would you do in the classroom? What would you do with administrators? With technology would you make available to students and educators?  Most importantly, share what you would do with students?

      Remember this is your chance to use 21st Century skills and be very Creative.

      Participate in our Fun Thread between November 5, 2013 and November 28, 2013 (by posting your Educator Wild Self along with goals) to be entered into a drawing of an educational resource worth about $175.00

      Note: This drawing will only become active when a minimum of 10 participants respond, which means in some cases, the drawing will take place after the above mentioned date. For a complete description and eligibility of Engage community drawings, click on the Intel Bunny Person.

      Bonus: The first five participants who post a response that meets all the criteria to this thread will receive an Intel Bundle. Also the person who invites the most participants to this thread will also receive an Intel Bundle.


      To receive an Intel Bundle for the most invites…before you respond to the post, just post… Precious Jewel invited me to this post. Bold the person’s name.  If you attended a webinar and invited yourself, just post your own name. I, Simba Marley invited myself because I attended the webinar. Also each time someone states that you invited them, your name will be entered into the drawing for each mentioned.

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          I decided to sneak a peek at what you guys were doing and had to join in. I remember Liz using Wild Selves with writing and LOVED the idea. The students loved it too. Never even thought about using it for math... definitely can use for science now. Here is my wild self...




          and my goals....





          Thanks for letting me sneak in and participate.




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            Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.04.13 PM.png

            I'm a PE teacher, so everyone would move, would fly! Everything would be fun and engaging (easy to do in elementary PE!).  I would get the admin on board, put the fun back in teaching, put movement in teaching. Technology has really helped me in PE - reviewing health units on the iPad, music from so many sources, learning bones and muscles has never been so much fun as on the iPad. All those cool apps that teach even CPR, chart your movement, how far/much you move.  I think most kids would like this "Wild Self". Everyone has an inner Wild Self and kids would love for you to see it! I can imagine them all around the room (if you had enough ink to print!!!).  Communication - show and tell to others, science - what parts are you, predator or prey. There are so many things to do with this. The kids could probably come up with a million more.

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              Rothman Wild Self.PNG

              My wild self has big eyes for making better observations, fuzzy ears because my non-wild ears get cold easily, a furry mane because I hate to shave, wings to give me a lift in my old age, and webbed hands because I love to play catch.


              As a whole, I see my wild self as symbolic of going beyond tradition and standard (that doesn't mean ignoring tradition and standard) to make my classroom a dynamic, interesting, fun place of learning and experimentation, including whatever technology I have access to (old school tech and new school tech).


              I can see Build Your Wild Self as an integrated activity that includes science, math, language arts and social studies. Students build their wild selves, and use them as characters in a narrative story. They identify the animals that the different body parts were taken from and what parts of the world/ecosystems those animals are found naturally. Are any of the animals endangered and what are the issues in trying to save that species from extinction.? How are the different body parts adaptive to the environment your wild self is in? Finally, the students could write a math word problem that involves their wild selves.


              I can also see enlarging one or more of the wild selves for pin the tail on the Pol-bush-for-uck-ondor-lion or for a movie poster.

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                Picture 2.png

                My Wild Self has frog legs to hop around the classroom easier, with long arms to help monitor students, large ears to hear everything, a snake tongue ssso I sssound like thisss (lol), a lion's mane to show I am strong, peacock feathers to remind me to show case my true colors, and butterfly wings to signify changing for the better.


                I think in the classroom I would transform education by making it more interactive.  I think, especially in these technological times, it is important to sustain our students' attention by having them "do" rather than "take in".  When students physically do something to learn a new concept, they are more likely to retain it and apply it later.  The program Build your Wild Self is a great way to introduce interactive activities that include technology.


                For example, I would have students create their animal on Build your Wild Self.  In the classroom, students will work on creating a back story about their animal.  Where would this animal live?  What would it be eating?  When would it be alive?  This could be a great creative writing sample that students can then turn into a Power Point presentation and show case to students.  These can then be collected for later use.  Students could, also,  create a diorama featuring the type of environment that the animal would live in.  To utilize technology, students could use a voice recorder app and write/record a 5 sentence caption about the environment.  What the temperature is?  If it rains often?  etc.  Finally, with the help of your art teacher, students can create a model of the animal.  To make it fun for students, but still get an idea of how they worked on their project, students can video record themselves throughout the process.  Of course, this would bring technology and art together, so expectations must be firm.


                In order to involve the community, administrators can be invited during independent work to observe students working, they can also be shown a collage of videos or presentations, or they can help organize a larger showcase for the school and/or community. 

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                  wild character.bmpMy son saw me working on this wild side and he recalled how he enjoyed making himself wild. He learned how to use this website from his  kindergarten teacher Mrs. Totten.  This is a great site to encourage students to write in creative ways. It can easily lend itself to all academic areas.

                  I made my self with octopus arms because I am always telling my kindergartners that If only had octopus arms I can give everyone a hug all at once. If I had butterfly wings I would fly around with ease monitoring my students during discussion.

                  What an exciting way to make learning fun!!!

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                    So... here goes!  Since I am no longer in the classroom, but was for 25 long (and awesome) years, I did two. One for my classroom Wild Self and one for my Curriculum Specialist Wild Self.

                    zard 2.PNGThis is my Wild Self from my classroom years. The glasses are all me... blind as a bat since I was a kid. My eyes are aiming in two directions because my students were always going in so many directions. (The trouble with them being engaged in their learning is that it really keeps a teacher on her toes!) Which brings me to the Giant Tree Frog legs... teaching elementary students requires the ability to hop from one spot to another, as well as hopping from one subject to another... one student project to another... one parent to another........ The lightning bolt on my shirt represents the energy that builds up, waiting to strike at just the right moment. Bat wings actually work like really long fingers (along with their flight function), giving me the extra ability to help multiple students simultaneously. The octopus arms (with all the suckers) help to reach those students needing an extra helping hand (and to reach deep into those messy desks to retrieve lost assignments and other belongings.The rabbit ears are always nice for listening in for trouble... and the hair.... well... my hair looks like that because my students loved to play with my hair and create all sorts of silly hair styles.



                    Zard (short for Lizard) is my office self (in the Office of Academics)... droopy eyes and grimace from dealing with Schoolnet (our district site for curriculum). The cave setting is how I feel in our cubicle where it's always cold and somewhat gloomy. I have on a green shirt with daisies to remind me there IS some nature outside this cave... and I have an awesome yard to go home to. The polar bear ears help me stay warm in this refrigerator office, as well as being small to help me tune out people talking too loudly around me. Luna moth antennae are actually odor receptors, and they help me smell people I want to avoid (so I can use my sneakers to help me run and hide!) Gibbon arms allow me to reach out to teammates to help them with their technology issues. Last, but not least, my lion fish fins are actually 18 long separated spines with venom in them. They protect me from predators... and you know there are some of those in this building (Central Office).

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                      I remember having so much fun trying this tool out with my class a few years ago.  I am glad we are reviewing because I had forgotten that it was available.  I teach Pre-Kindergarten and the giggles, curiosity, and the delight in having the the power to convert their bodies by using the body parts of their favorite animals make this a popular tool.  I appreciate the flexibility to print or send via email for free!  Love it!  Thanks Stacey and Vanessa!



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                        My Wild Self.PNG


                        I am Lovechild, named after a fictional band that I wanted to start. My bison horns grow in rings to indicate my age but still do so in a way that makes me look wicked awesome. My African dog ears give off heat but keep me cool and are nice and big to keep me tuned-in to ideas, sounds, conversations and happenings. My gibbon arms are long and swinging and keep me reaching out to friends as well as playing some superhuman bass solos. My feathered tail helps to keep me dancing and Chilean flamingo wings help me transcend some of the entrails on the ground, the sad result of those who chose not to spread their wings and fly. Wow, that's dark, oops kids, sorry about that. This activity is an amazing way for students to get to know each other in class. This, of course, could be used at the beginning of the year, but also as a reminder during writing workshop before we publish as a class. It might help students become less self-concious as a pre-cursor to sharing their writing.

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                          Here's my wild self. I no longer teach students but this is a great tool to use with teachers during training sessions that deal with any content, or thinking outside of the box, being resourceful, a learner, and a great advocate for Education. In my wild educator I chose the antennas bc as educators we are always on the look out for great teaching moments and opportunities to share knowledge with others.  The bat ears are needed bc resources for teaching and sharing can always be found, even in the dark. Just turn on your eco-location! The elephant legs are a reminder to keep grounded but the zebra arms are needed to run fast towards precious goals.The wings are a reminder to connect with others. Build your learning network. And last but not least, everyone needs to show a little bit of their inner tiger sometime for the good of others. The guitar on the shirt is just all me! My guitar is the bestie I go to when I feel happy and when I feel sad. Good times!Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 3.20.13 PM.png

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                            wild3.jpgwild3.jpgSometimes I do wish that I could undergo an entire--and I suppose, mysterious--transformation.    Understandably, though, all of us already have all that we need to do any and every thing, I realize.  My Educator WildSelf includes huge California Condor wings and Siberian Tiger Legs so that I could quickly, promptly and effectively soar across all areas and classrooms and learn as much as possible from the best educators available.  I’m always looking for new ideas and better ways of doing things, and I’d love the chance to quickly see everything and everyone so that I could improve my own teaching and learning…  I don’t know that I could transform education, but I could, at least, transform my own teaching with what I discovered in my quick travels.  In the classroom, I could use my strong legs and wings to quickly help anyone that needs it, and walking across our large building to the Literacy Library, wouldn’t seem like such a huge burden anymore.   Though, don’t get me wrong—I LOVE our large building and wouldn’t trade it for anything.   

                            I’d make technology more available for students, everywhere, all across the world—more iPads, more educational apps, more Mandas for our own classroom--I can always use more equipment.    For educators, I’d mostly give them more time to plan more effectively and more time to locate quality resources which may not be as tough since I’ll have my reindeer antlers, which can, hopefully, help me get to Santa and, quite possibly, the use of his sleigh.  (Admittedly, I LOVE Christmas, so I couldn’t resist the antlers.)                                                

                            Administrators—well, I’d let them be; unless, I could somehow build more understanding between them and “us,” as that seems to be where things go awry in my opinion.  Too often, there’s disconnect and misunderstanding (not purposefully) in what’s truly needed and helpful to us—the people who work with students day in and day out.  If not, I could always fly or run away for a small bit to be able to get some breathing time and space.

                                Building your WildSelf could be a very interesting tool for students. It could be used to discuss science, as a writing tool for students imagining a fictional narrative or creating a compelling character or superhero’ish type.  It could be used as a springboard for writing and discussion or to support writing and ideas that a child is composing.

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                              If I could transform education, I would make sure that there was enough instructional technology materials for all students at every campus. I would make sure that administrators were informed about new technology to help support classroom teachers. I would want them to have high expectations for their staff and help their staff be successful and supportive with both hardware and software. I would want every student would have access to their own tablet or laptop with subscriptions to various web-based software to promote individualized learning and assessment in all subject areas. I would use (and have used) an activity like this one to integrate multiple subjects and technology.

                              Here is what I’ve done in the past in more detail:

                              In Writing, we were focusing on animal research and writing “All About” books and in Science, our unit was on organisms. First, students had a choice to explore either the app Call the Wild- Alligators or the app Call the Wild- Penguins. While exploring the apps, my advanced students recorded 5 facts that they didn’t already know about that animal and students on grade level or emerging were required to record 3 facts that they learned. At this time, they recorded what they learned on a recording sheet. In the future, or with older students, they might be able to type what they learned on the iPad or use the Voice Memo app.


                              Then, my students explored “http://buildyourwildself.comThe students LOVED it! (Since I teach 1st graders, it was easier to use the computer lab for each child to make their own "Wild Self." Students could also use the Safari link on the iPad.) After creating a new character, you have the option of emailing it to a friend, making the picture your desktop picture, or printing it. After creating their own organism, I had the students click on the link to “share” their creature by emailing it me.

                              The next day, students wrote details about their ficticious creature's habitat, diet, defenses, and what makes them unique. Then, they created an “All About” story for their animal by adding transition words to the information they wrote and then they re-wrote their stories on “final copy” paper.

                              Finally, they used the app Story Robe to record (max of 3 minutes) their stories with details about their animal’s habitat and other facts they want to share “All About” their animal. The students loved learning how to use Story Robe and were able to help each other by holding the iPad while another student recorded their story. After, students had an opportunity to view and listen to each other’s stories.


                              Here is a short Animoto video I created showing the process: http://animoto.com/play/Q63U0srteWWpG2KSBPofTg

                              Ms S Wild Self.jpg


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                                Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 3.10.13 PM.png

                                My educator wild self has wings because I soar through my days.

                                I could see using this with Bill Peet's book, Whingdingdilly.  Students could create a

                                version of their wild self, then rewrite the story...

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                                  Congrats to the following people.

                                  They are the winners of an Intel Bundle for being the first 5 people to post to this thread.


                                  Heather Burke

                                  Cynthia Austria

                                  Eric Roth

                                  Stephanie Dempsey

                                  Nancy Fuentes


                                  Don't forget, we will also award another Intel Bundle to the person who invites the most people to this thread.




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                                    I have always wanted to fly above the tree tops!  My new wild self would have the ability to fly around the world spreading 21st century learning skills along with the classroom best practices which students need to survive and thrive in a complex and interconnected world. 



                                    To transform education I would make sure teachers and administrators are armed with professional development to improve and support student engagement and achievement in their schools. Professional Development (PD) is a very important ingredient to the recipe for success.  The PD program would include all Intel Elements online courses as well as many other valuable courses.

                                    In the classroom students would apply their knowledge to understanding and solving real world challenges with emphasis on creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving and communication and collaboration.   For my students I would make sure learning opportunities expand beyond the boundaries of the classroom and traditional class hours.  This can be achieved with a flipped classroom using blended learning practices and mobile learning devices.

                                    I am currently promoting visual literacy in the classroom as a powerful tool to create connections and convey meaning in communication.  Students learn to take and improve photos which they use in presentations or publications for a global audience.  It’s amazing to see the world through their camera lens!

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                                      Congrats to Nancy Fuentes for winning this month's ITL Followup Drawing. Please continue to share your ideas and your Educator WildSelves.



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                                        Picture 4.png

                                        Here's my Wild Self!  I chose the Peacock Crest to symbolize pride in my job, which I want to transfer to my students work ethic in the classroom. The Butterfly Wings represent beauty and creativity in everything we do. I would transform education by making sure that educators and students had all the technology tools necessary for everyone to reach their potential and be literate and successful in this Digital Age. I know having the tools is just the start and off course I would add having the time for Professional Development for Teachers, Administrators, and students. Whenever my students have opportunities to use Laptops and work on Technology Projects they are so engage and create awesome projects. Sad to say this is not everyday since we are limited to time and equipment. When my students have used the Build Your Wild Self Site, they have used it in correlation to their Animal Adaptations Lesson. They enjoy this site so much that I have even have parents comment how they have changed their home computer desktop image to their new creation on Build Your Wild Self.

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                                          I love to see your creativity in our community, Intel engage and invite me to build My Being Wild Educator, which in other words is to promote technology using the transformation of education, as a teacher protagonist, it is my duty perform it, that's why I'm going to turn into a beautiful dolphin with kindness, tenderness and sweetness, should invite frequently use technology to my students, always remember that this is my opportunity to use 21st century skills and be very creative and innovative achieve, as the example of ud. is being conducted. thank you very much.

                                           Delfin rosado. Selva Amazonica,

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                                            I'm a wild animal that wants to impose in this wildlife, I have arms crossing and well tell me also that I'm like a wild ass qiere change my world, I'm hard to tame, and it's not going to change me the idea of helping my students to use technology in learning, also live in the middle of a wild,'ll help my friends to innovate, to adapt to a new world of learning. I have awesome wings of a butterfly are ayudadran me achieve my dreams of a better world, not just mine, but for that of others.


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                                              Here's my wild self. This is a unique tool to use with teachers during training sessions when they feel bored or tired while continually glued on the computer. I work with adult learners   and learn to be like giraffes - that is, animals who stick their necks out, have big hearts, are persistent, do no harm and make the world a better place through their actions. The skin on the hands of the giraffe are so thick it protects it from the negative effects of the blood pressure.in my case as trainer  the effects are from the not-so supportive heads of schools, who are unwilling to bring any change in the teaching styles. The ears are like as for Bats the ultrasonic waves the new teaching resources which the teachers receive and emit are diffracted on the surfaces of these shapes. The results of these diffraction processes depend upon the geometry of the shapes, the frequency of the ultrasonic wave, and the direction in which the sound wave is traveling. The learnings or pulses are either emitted into the class environment or are received   by the students. The image on the shirt is for everyone that what ever the situation is “keep smiling”. The eyes have been doubled as we as trainer we need to build our net  works and sustain them. I appreciate the flexibility in the tool of print/send via email for free! 

                                              Thanks Stacey and Vanessa.