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    Internet Safety, Data Privacy - How are you keeping your students safe?


      January, 28th has become National Data Privacy Day.  What are you doing in the classroom to ensure your students have a safe experience with the Internet?   There are lots of resources out there - share your favorite.  In the meantime check out these articles:

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          Internet Safety is such an important topic and much needed in our schools.  Thanks for sharing the articles.  I am not in the classroom, but I do train teachers, students, and parents on Internet Safety and how important it is to be responsible online.  We need to teach them how to be safe online and provide them with engaging activities online to see the value of educational technology in the classroom.

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            Bonnie Feather

            Julia, what a timely discussion!  I am working with a principal, our local police, and an attorney to plan a community information event particularly regarding cell phone safety issues.


            When the principal first related the issues coming up at the elementary school level (even as low as 4th graders receiving horrible messages) I was really surprised.


            I had some awareness of the possibility of bullying using cell phones (as well as social media) and sexting, but I had not thought of some of the other issues.  Students were calling parents to come get them without consulting their teacher, a nurse, or office personnel.  This might be because they had not done well on the spelling bee, they didn't like the luch offerings, or any number of other reasons.  In some cases, parents were showing up at school tp pick up their children with no school personnel being aware of a problem!  One parent even drove around behind the school and picked up her child without checking the child out at the office!  That was a scare- thought the child had just "disappeared" from school!


            It really is becoming a parenting issue, especially as it relates to parents having a reasonable expectation that school personnel will supervise their children.


            I am not sure how this issue will be resolved.  It does seem to be more prevalent at larger elementary schools and those which have a somewhat higher socioeconomic population.


            I am eager to hear how other schools are dealing with these issues.  Thank you for the resources you added!

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              I have attached an article that I just received about "sexting" in the schools.  I think you may find it interesting. It does a great job discussing the issues involved with cell phones and the "Generation M" (media) students of today.

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                Hi Julia:


                I have to say that Sandy Swartz has been quite the role model for me in promoting Internet Safety for students over the years. I facilitate an Internet Security training where I introduce coordinators, supervisors, facilitators, teachers, and community members in hopefully a balanced picture of for today's Internet. I have created and use a presentation which utilizes links to American news channels' and  talk shows with video content on the very real dangers out there (including sexting and the current ransomeware tricks) but which can be managed with parental and teacher supervision. I even had an assistant district attorney who was surprised that he was so far behind in awareness!


                Thanks for posting this topic and for the resources, and here's a timely and relevant blog entry concerning using Facebook to promote Internet/Social networking safety: http://www.techlearning.com/blogs/27870 Another site I just found is at http://bnetsavvy.org/wp/ and it's good as well.

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                  I just came across this site that has student worksheets and activities dealing with collaboration, the Internet, etc. The topics are as follows:


                  • Students learn how the Internet relates to communication inventions                               of the past.
                  • Students conceptualize the geography of cyberspace and explain how                               it relates to the places they know.
                  • Students learn about networks and the network of networks—the                               Internet.
                  • Students predict how new communications technologies will affect people                               in the future.


                  There are lesson plans for grades K-12....http://cybersmartcurriculum.org/challenges/lessons/