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    Russian webinars

      Dear colleagues!


      Would like to thanks Intel for the opportunity to explore webinar technology!

      We got a room & started our webinars on Dec.23.


      1st was for several Master teachers and Program managers - acquiantance with webinars & brainstorming on their usefulness for Master teachers. It was a highly interactive a bit messy action     Every participant wanted to "take floor" with the mike. They were very active in the "closed rooms", creative on the white board and didn't want to write a lot in chat... Answers for voting was created just "on the go". So, on the whole we liked this new type of meeting!



      2d happened to be with the schoolchildren, participants of the project "War Echo" on Samara wiki. Brainstorming & voiting also with 15 teams. It was more strict and we with my colleage kept it just in 1 hour, discussing 2 questions, important for our project. It is dedicated to 65-th Anniversary of Victory Day. Webinar really helped us to decide for all 47 teams of our city project, how to PR it and what social action to take for Victory day and veterans.

      Voting also was created just in time...


      For the 1st time we decided not to divert attention away with Web cameras, so only after the record was stopped,  2 teams managed to find a button to translate video from web camera They were very pleased - you see:





      Unfortunately, in the record, the voice of my colleage is going few minutes _before_ time!..


      Did anyone face with such frustration?

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          This is very exciting news! It is nice that webinars connected Master Teachers and program managers. From experience, I understand the desire to "take the mike!" I found it took my webinar participants a couple of sessions before they were willing to write in the chat area. Many loved playing with the white board - just like you experienced. I hope you enjoy using the webinar method of meeting in the future. I've used webinars often and enjoy how it saves travel costs for participants.


          I am also excited you shared the story of "Victory Day." My son just returned from living in Russia for two years and shared photos of "Victory Day" parades in Moscow. I can see how school age children would enjoy using the webinar platform to create project teams. I think you have shared a great use of webinars with students here. I am glad you shared the video of the students with us.


          I wish you the best in your work with students and teachers in Russia. I think many other Intel Teach teachers can see good examples from what you have shared. We can all learn to use webinars more effectively - you have set a good example for us.

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              I am very glad - you find smthng interesting in our very first experience. Would like to go on with webinars!


              As about school project on wiki, dedicated to World War II (to it's veterans first of all)... Frankly speaking, it's a big job - 4-5 pages from evry of 47 school teams. It's almost finished. What do you think - how to share with community here the importance of this topic fo Russian school children and to celebraty V-Day here?


              All pages are in Russian... Schoolchildren will design the result Power Point presentation with the screenshots of good pages, veteran interviews and data about the project on the whole. I can translate main text of it in English. Oh! I will upload it to Slideshare and give somewhere here a link. Is it a suitable idea?

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                  Best wishes continuing with webinars. It allows community building even when distance is large.


                  I like the wiki you are creating and the student PowerPoint presentations. I do not suggest you translate these pages into English - I remind everyone who reads this page to use Google Translate. They can first see original work in Russian and then read in the language they speak naturally. I think using Slideshare is a good method to help others see this work.


                  I look forward to hearing more about your project. It is good to share information between countries. I'd like to share the work with my son who lived in Russia (and speaks Russian.)

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                An update on the voice not recording properly...I suspect this is due to a slower bandwidth from that presenter so either her voice or yours was coming in much later than real time. I am not sure and will verify that is the reason. On occasion we have had our voice out of synch as well and it sounds like two people talking over each other. Mostly it is just fine.


                Did you notice that there was a delay during the live event?