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    Watching for Scratch in Unit Plans

    Bonnie Feather

      Calling all facilitators...!


      When you are leading trainings, I would love to know about Unit Plans in which your participants (MT or PT candidates) include Scratch (a programming application.)  Please let us know here how they are having students use the program.


      If you need resources regarding the use of Scratch, let me know here!  I will try to support you and your candidates in the use of this program because I find it so valuable.


      If you don't know about Scratch yet, try some of these links:


      http://scratch.mit.edu  Download Scratch free here.  It's Open Source, available for all 3 major OSs.


      Scratch Reference Guide.pdf




      Once you are in the main Scratch community, you are able to download projects created by others and remix them.  Anyone interested in some projects I've culled there?  Of course, not all of the projects uploaded and shared there are worthwhile.  I'll put some of my favorites here in the next few days.