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    Wearable Tech: Gift That Keeps On Giving All Year Long!


      This radio broadcast is all about "Wearable Technology: The Gift That Keeps on Giving All Year Long"

      Wearable Tech: Gift That Keeps on Giving | Spreaker - Be Heard

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      Naomi shares the latest and greatest wearable technology from Google Glass, 3D Laser Printing, Underwater Conversation Goggles, 3D Rings, High Tech Tees, GoPro Cameras, Bluettoth and Headset Necklaces and the impact on education, health and fitness.

      Are you making a holiday purchase this year of a wearable technology item?  If so would you be willing to share with us what it is and why- and how it will transform your personal or professional life for the better?


      And as always- herea are some great additional resources too!


      A PDF Naomi has created to view the lateest and greatest weable technology.


      The 4 W's of Wearable Technology


      10 Tech Wearable Tech Gadgets Librarians Will Love


      LG Flexible Panels


      Smart Ring


      Go Pro Cameras


      High Tech Tee's


      3D Printing Shoes


      Recharger Boots


      Table Watches


      3D Duck Foot


      Underwater Conversation Goggles