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    State Technology Conference


      Like many other states, Utah does not have the large Technology conference offered in Florida or Texas. Reviewing the program for our UCET conference today I realized there is a wealth of information that is available through these smaller state conferences. I'll be posting information from this state conference  in this post. I wonder what other states have "smaller technology conferences". I hope others will share ideas from state technology conferences.

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          Glen - what a great discussion - in addition if you want dates of local conferences shared on the Webinar and Event calendar send the details to teachersengage@intel.com.


          Arizona is lucky to have a number of different opportunities.  Arizona Technology in Education in Education (AZTEA) offers a number of smaller conferences throughout the year in different locations around the state - check out http://www.aztea.org/.  In addition in a couple of weeks there is the Microcomputers in Education Conference or MEC- which has been around for the past 30 years and this conference has lots of information - I will be attending this in two weeks.

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              I've got to organize my notes a little (and pull in information from Twitter ) and then I plan to put several additional posts here about the conference. There were many great sessions! A fun activity in one session was "Speed Apps" - consider it "Speed Dating" where you have 2 minutes to tell a peer about ONE app you were assigned to learn about. Then the two of you try to determine how to use it with good pedagogy.

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                Bonnie Feather

                Julia is so right- we are indeed fortunate in AZ to have several opportunities.  AzTEA has in the past had a series of three conferences.  This year, with financial woes all around, the first one was held as a "virtual" conference!  Though there were not hordes of attendees, I have heard throughout the year that those who attended online were favorably impressed.


                It was not terribly difficult to arrange, and I suggest it for your state!  We used Elluminate for the forum.  The conference speaker had all of his websites on a wiki, used Wallwisher and a presentation he had uploaded to Elluminate ahead of time.  We used one video camera to send out his presentation within the Elluminate environment, and it was a great success!  If you need further details, let me know.  I'm sure I can get any answers I don't already know.


                I'd like to recommend to other teachers that you submit a presentation at the next conference you plan to attend!  You will learn a lot by presenting, it's not difficult, and you will be contributing to the conference!  Remember that attendees are coming with a wide variety of experience, and the knowledge you have is valuable!  Share it!

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                Session: Strategies for more Effective use of Video in the classroom

                Images can be used as a primary means of communication (look at our signs today)

                • We have too much curriculum to cover in a short time.  A good way to speed up learning process with our kids is to use images (cover more curriculum faster)
                • Eyes are drawn to color.
                • When you sit in the regular chalk and talk classroom, it is like driving down the freeway at 30mph  (lots of time to get distracted). When you use video and images, it is like flying down the freeway at 90 where you don't have time to get distracted.


                Hints to make video use more effective

                1. Teachers should not really show students more than 10-15 minutes of a video at a time.  (Students will lose attention quickly.)Do not turn off the lights.
                2. Do not make students watch 2 hours of a video...  they will zone out and the educational value is then lost.
                3. Try to get an emotional and creative response out of the kids.
                4. A good reasons to use videos and images in the classroom is that it can cause students to say "I didn't think … until I saw …"


                Video resources

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                  New York has a great statewide network that has a statewide technology conference the weekend before Thanksgiving. The organization is New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education http://www.nyscate.org. Several years ago this organization also started regional conferences for teachers who couldn't travel and have the expenses associated with it. They also have a Leadership conference in the fall.

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                    We have a state conference  - LACUE

                    One of the new things last year was the student video contest. If you click on the awards tab you will get some info. It was a HUGE hit. I was shocked at the participation and they played the videos on a large screen by the exhibit hall.