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    SAS Curriculum Pathways

    Bonnie Feather

      When teachers are working to develop a Unit Plan for either the Essentials or Thinking with Technology course, I often hear some frantic grumbling about adding "one more thing" to the teaching load.  We try to help teachers see that planning a unit is a way to enhance engagement and achievement on the standards teachers must address with students, but trying something new IS time consuming.


      A resource I have found in the last year is a way to  help teachers find quality online curriculum which would fit nicely into an Intel(R) Unit Plan.  It is "SAS Curriculum Pathways."  Are you using it yet?  Please tell us about your experience and your favorite resource found there!


      SAS Curriculum Pathways used to be a subscription service, but it is now available to all teachers FREE!


      The activities found there are created for High School students, but some of the tools are useful for some middle school classes as well.  They are working on a dedicated middle school version.  Activities are found for the areas of English, Spanish, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Within each area you will find the following:




          Communication Skills

          Literary Genres

          American Literature

          English Literature

          World Literature



          Culture and Civilization

          Dialogues and Dialects

          Grammar in Practice

          History and Politics




          Earth Science

          Physical Science






          Introductory Algebra

          Intermediate Algebra

          Advanced Algebra



          Data Analysis


      Social Studies

          Ancient Civilizations

          Early Regional Civilizations

          Modern European History

          Contemporary World History

          United States History

          Civics and Economics


      Within each of these sub-areas, there are online activities for students.  There are no ads, the websites linked are scrubbed weekly to be sure they are all working, and they are high-quality.


      When you go to the home page you will click the subscriber login.  Before you do that, you should check to see if someone at your high school has an account already.  They prefer school accounts to be sure someone is there to provide assistance with their plugins.  You WILL need to install some plugins, but they have a system check link which will guide you through the process.  If you don't know of anyone at your school, perhaps you or your library media specialist will fill out their brief form to be the school tech contact for the program.  They will email a generic login to whomever the person is to be and then all teachers will use that login their first time to login.  It will prompt you to create your own account and you're on your way!


      Students get a login as well and all students will use the same generic login.


      I hope to hear that some of you are already using it.  Are you finding it useful with PBA?  Is it something you would recommend to teachers in your trainings?