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    Resources for Special Education Students


      I recently did a Promethean training for a group of deaf education teachers at one of our districts.  When showing them how to embed video clips into the flipchart page, I realized that the video I was demonstrating didn't have closed captioning, which would be necessary for that group of students.  One of the teachers stepped in and saved me by suggesting we instead use a video from http://www.deaf-tube.com/ .  It's basically like youtube, but all of the videos are done in sign-language (warning:  content needs to be previewed by a teacher - much like youtube).  I hadn't heard of this resource before!  The teacher who shared it uses it all the time, and is interested in having her students create videos and post them on the site this year.


      Does anyone know of another online resource or software program that is specifically designed for special needs students?  Or, do you have an example of how you used any technology tool to target a group of students with special needs?  It could be a tool that is used with all students, but maybe you have an example of how it benefited a particular group.