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    New Apps



      Visual Ranking Student App

      • Available February 2014: new Windows 8 store version of Visual Ranking student app. The companion app supports students mobile use of the popular Visual Ranking tool on the go, anytime and anywhere.

      Mobile Scenarios

      • Available February 2014:  Windows 8 store version of Mobile Scenarios for K12. Get started with the Intel® Education Mobile Scenarios for K12 App now—your virtual colleague for great ideas told in detailed stories to inspire your mobile learning adventure.


      Shake & Teach

      • Available March 2014: Shake and Teach is a dynamic idea generator for teachers and students. It is ideal for project performances and products, review of prior learning, or performance assessment activities.  Instead of the "just write about it" inertia, teachers will just be a shake away from thousands of activities which prompt engagement by students. When shaken (or clicked) the app generates unique learning challenges from a possible 50,000 variations.   The activities generated by each shake follow the grammar of Do <subject> As <an activity or product>. For example, "Do growing plants from seed as a group doodle on a large sheet of paper." Or “Do the Bill of Rights as a rap chant or poem.”


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