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    New Members Start Here! (Jan-March 2014)

    Bonnie Feather

      bunnyatwork_small+(1).jpg  Welcome to all new members! "New" simply means that you have not yet introduced yourself!


      Intel Education programs are expanding worldwide and improving education in many countries. This Engage Community is a place for educators from all over the world to find resources and like-minded educators.


      Please introduce yourself here and tell us a bit about your education duties. Will you be using Project-Based Learning in your situation? What are some challenges you experience in your teaching? What is the education system like in your country or state?

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          My name is Dentila Garipi, finished Physics and folowing master degree in compiuter sience. I am an informatic's teacher, at high school "Naim Frasheri", in Durres, Albania.  Im part of Intel teacher engage, since November 2013, and i try this more interesting! During this time i have worked with tablet. Im trying to use it in different subject. I hope to have some other materials of my students work, in using of tablet as soon  as possible. Happy New Year to all educators!!!  Greetings from ALbania!

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            Hi!  My name is Jean Crockett.  I teach English 9-12 and Dramatic Literature at unique school in Virginia.  We are K-12, total enrollment of 75, fully accredited by Virginia Dept. of Education.  Our school is located on a tiny island, population 500, in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay---if you'd like to know anything about our location, Google "Tangier Island" and see how amazing this place is.! We are only accessible by boat or air.. 

            I am finishing 29 years as a second-career teacher.  I have been a registered nurse for 44 years.  Some of my duties here besides the teaching include student health and emergency care.  It can be especially challenging in inclement weather when it may be impossible to transport a patient/student to the mainland which is 12 miles away. 

            I love teaching too!! Before moving to the island, I taught nursing procedures and inservice education programs for all levels of nursing and hospital personnel,. I always loved to read  and write!   And I enjoy the closeness of faculty, students, and parents.

            I have used some problem-based teaching experiences over the past five years.  Last fall, I took the INTEL 21st Century Assessment course and have begun to view my classroom as a dynamic opportunity to make a difference in the future of my students.  Our school division has embraced many of the 21st century learning strategies:  we have the lowest student:computer ratio in the county and state, we have been encouraged to utilize increased levels of student engagement (ie Schlecty, Marzano, and Blooms 2),  we are moving from the traditional to the technology-integrated teaching model.

            The course I am taking in March is entitled Designing Blended Learning.  If anyone else is going that way, please let me know.

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              My name is Dee Pierce and I am an Elementary Education major at Shepherd University in West Virginia.  After being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) for 11 years, I began substitute teaching and then became a classroom aide for first grade.  Those experiences in the classroom encouraged me to go back to college for my degree.  This fall I will be student teaching and graduate in December, 2014.


              I have a special interest in Montessori and charter schools, although I plan to seek a position in the public schools here in West Virginia after graduation.



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                  Bonnie Feather

                  Hello Dee, and welcome! I would say that you have a "leg up" on many new teachers with your previous experiences. In this community, you will find many discussions on current practice. It' large and it can be confusing to find exactly what you are seeking, so please don't hesitate to direct message me by clicking on my name where it is linked to ask for help. I can point you to many specific conversations and resources!


                  Thanks for joining!



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                  My name is Kim Ballard, and I am an undergraduate at Shepherd University as a pre-professional in a Secondary Education English degree. We are using this course as our text for an course that focuses on using new technology in the classroom, and I am looking forward to creating several Project-Based Learning activities.

                  I will admit that I have some catching up to do with web 2.0 tools, and I am excited to begin learning how to incorporate new tools and ideas in a way that makes learning more efficient and engaging for my future students.

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                      Bonnie Feather

                      Hello and welcome, Kim!


                      One of the things I've been recommending as a project based outcome for an action plan is an infographic. It can be a great way for students to present information they have gained in a visually exciting form. If you put infographic  into the little search bar at the upper left (avoid the one at upper right) you will find a link to a discussion and even a webinar archive on the topic along with a list of tools which can be used to create infographics. The tools portion of the course can be overwhelming, so take it easy and select one or two to learn about!


                      Need help finding your way around? Just send me a direct message and I can help!



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                      Hello everyone,

                      my name is William. I am an English Education (TESOL) graduate student seeking a single-subject teaching credential to teach grades 7-12 in California. My professor has chosen this program as part of a blended face-to-face and online course for this semester. This is Project-based Learning for my class, and I am excited to embrace it. I'm sure it will help me utilize technology more resourcefully when it's my turn in the classroom. Embracing technology and blending traditional methodology are key components of the evolving modern classroom at all age levels.

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                        Hi. I'm Marianne Kasch, living and working in Hanover, Germany. I'll begin soon at the Hannover International School. (We've just moved here from Kenai, Alaska.... In the process of setting up again.)

                        I'm always looking for ways to improve my teaching and incorporating technology is a great way to stay on the same plane as my students, I'm an elementary teacher and look forward to getting and sharing tips with other educators.

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                          Hi Everyone,

                          It is good reading through the introductions to see such a wide variety of individuals selected for this project. I am very much looking forward to contributing and helping the drive of IT in education.


                          My name is Tony Gilbert and I am an ICT Lecturer from a Further Education College in Swindon, United Kingdom. The college is called New College Swindon and I teach students from 16 – 19 primarily, however I also teach adult students doing ICT leisure courses such as Adobe Dreamweaver. I am the course leader for Functional Skills ICT and assistant co-ordinator for Games Development. I teach a variety of ICT courses such as BTEC Software Development, BTEC Games Development, A-Level ICT, Functional Skills ICT and Adobe Dreamweaver – Web Design.  Each course has different levels and types of students so it can vary from level 1 (GCSE D – E) up to level 3 (A-level).


                          Initially, I started at New College as a student studying ICT and other subjects such as pre-teaching. I found a passion in teaching and was offered a job as an LSA (Learning Support Assistant) which helps students with learning difficulties. At this time I was also teaching Adobe Dreamweaver and basic computer skills to adult students to local schools in the community. I was an LSA for 1 year before being offered a job as an Academic Instructor in ICT.  I then did this for two years before being offered the role of becoming a full time lecturer in ICT.

                          I have a big passion for web design and development and love the adobe software and hope to embed Adobe certified qualifications into future ICT curriculum in the College. I want to try and push the drive of ICT in education to help create a more modern approach to facilitate learning. I also have a passion for ensuring that technology is available for all learners despite different backgrounds and cultures.


                          In my spare time I do freelance web design for clients in the South West of the United Kingdom. I also enjoy cycling, yoga, football, playing video games and listening to music. I am a big Manchester United fan and like to watch them at Old Trafford – (Not been good visiting them this season!).

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                            Hi my name is Nelson Letts.

                            My educational duties include providing technical assistance to 20 small school districts as a math specialist and STEM educator in Arizona. We (county school office) are currently assisting a school district to develop a long-term plan to incorporate a STEM approach to instruction across content areas. This will include both project-based,and problem-based learning, using a inquiry approach.We have had some success in prior grants training middle school teachers to use project-based learning, but this new initiative will be the first that is a systemic STEM initiative. The long-term plan is to learn from this 3-year initiative and then provide similar services to other districts in the county over time. I hope to learn more about technology integration into STEM instruction including project-based learning through this group.

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                              Hello All,


                              Thank you Bonnie Feather for such a lovely introduction.


                              I'm Shantel from the land of fete (Trinidad & Tobago) but reside in the land of sea and sun (Antigua & Barbuda). I'm delighted to be part of the Intel group. I'm currently an educator at a secondary (high) school and am part of an ICT management team that is currently working on integrating ICT in the classroom. I hope to use some of the courses  and other materials from Intel, in our training sessions. I am open to ideas, suggestions etc to make our integration a success. Here in Antigua, ICT is well on it's way in making it's name and we are excited to see what it will do to our education program. Cheers!

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                                i am studying in Karachi university and doing Ms(Education).

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                                  Hi everyone,


                                  This is Mohsin Gulzar from Pakistan. I am working with Federal Government Education Department. I have been part of intel community for past 2 weeks and attended a workshop regarding teaching essentials and use of technology in education.


                                  I have done my MS in Engineering Management and graduation in Computer Sciences. I hope to have good time around here.



                                  Mohsin Gulzar

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                                    I am Nosheen Abbasi from  Islamabad, Pakistan. I am working with Roots School as an ICT teacher. My past experience is also mainly in teaching the same subject. Now, during the training session conducted by my school, i have got an opportunity to be the part of Intel engage community. I expect  to learn a lot and wish to share and deliever my knowledge as well.

                                    Looking forward for new knowledge and skills.


                                    Message was edited by: Nosheen Abbasi

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                                      Hey everyone, I'm Farooq Ahmad from Pakistan. I teach IGCSE at Roots schools. My Subjects are Physics, Computer Science and History/Geography. I've been working around Integrated Curriculum previously at APSACs systems APS schools in Pakistan. Its a big edge being related to computers that its incorporation in any subject smoothly slips into place, naturally as it stands as an auxiliary science. Hereby, I seek to have a deeper experience with varied minds like you folks to understand better how this tech-science can effectively stimulate learning while group work is at hand. I'd like to know more ways to bring children into working with groups as every child first and foremost loves to boast his/her own unique idea/s and is reluctant to share... I try to appreciate 'em as much as I can so they can break out of these bonds of self-reliance only. But its not sufficient enough, there must be more that can bring children to start depending upon each other with homie feeling.


                                      Love to know all that.

                                      Stay Blessed

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                                        hello every one i m Sehrish Shahzad from Pakistan and working with ROOTS MILLENNIUM CAPITAL CAMPUS i am teaching Science & Social Studies to the primary level i got opportunity to be the part of this community through a workshop conducted in our school really looking forward to learn more teaching technique and project based learning through such an informative resource

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                                          Teacher Biography - Gerard Duffy:


                                          ICT is and remains a major component within the classroom, enhancing and developing the learning experience for each individual child.  The St. Pius X College community is justifiably proud of the wonderful building and ICT infrastructure. More importantly is the real sense of caring which has been the hallmark of the College since its inception and the unity of purpose which pervades the corridors and classrooms. The college actively promotes the use of ICT across the curriculum, as it not only facilitates group work, but fosters independent learning.  In St. Pius X College ICT is used as a tool to enhance learning.  The innovative use of ICT is recognised as one of the most important tools available to staff enabling them to deliver lessons that are interesting, effective and appropriate to stretch the 21st century learner.


                                          I am the e-learning, College Development and Sharing Education Partnership co-ordinator within the college. The college was recognised in 2003 as a centre of excellence in ICT and was awarded ‘Laureate Status’ as a result. Since then the college has been awarded the Becta ICT Mark and the prestigious ‘Best Whole School’ Becta award for Northern Ireland in 2010.   In 2012 the college renewed their ICT Mark with Naace and was the first school in Northern Ireland to receive the Third Millennium Learning Award.  The college was also selected as one of sixty global Pathfinder schools – the Head of ICT and myself attended the Microsoft global forum in Prague.


                                          In 2009 I completed my Masters in e-learning: Interactive Teaching Technologies with the University of Ulster, in which I received Distinction status.  In 2013 I completed my Professional Headship Qualification.  In 2014 I was selected as one of Microsoft’s Expert Educators.  I am looking forward to attending the Microsoft global forum in Barcelona in March 2014.   I will compete with two hundred and fifty educators on a Virtual Learning Course, ‘Carbon Footprint Online’.  This course has already been selected in Northern Ireland as the People’s Choice award. This inter-generational course uses the learning environment Fronter to support extended learning between our feeder primary schools and our college.


                                          I’m looking forward working with Intel and the roll out of 1:1 devices throughout our college.  This facility will be enhanced with the recent upgrade of wifi throughout the building. We also use the MySchool learning portal and Fronter as our VLE. In 2014 I was lucky enough to attend Bett with Intel and act as an Intel Ambassador.


                                          In my spare time I like to 'switch off' and travel with friends.  Sometimes having a break from education can be as useful as professional development.

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                                            Hi all!  My name is Mbarek Akaddar. I live inBeni Mellal, Morocco. I teach English as a foreign language to five classes of about 40 ( 15-19) students each. Four of my classes are beginners and the fifth class learn English for third year.

                                            I have been a teacher of English for 26 years. In addition to my duties as a high school teacher, I sometimes work as a part time teacher at the university of art in Beni Mellal. I trained myself to use information technology and I succeded to change the way I teach. I use project based learning as an integrated part of the syllabus of my teaching in spite of the very  limited technological conditions of my school.

                                                                                                my laptop.jpg

                                            In 2007, I got Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award. I  also took some online courses at IEARN , Oregon University , Kentucky Virtual Schools , Adobe Exchange,Google Education. Since 2007, I have been an active participant at EVO ( a TESOL- Call-IS). I m currently an EVO coordinator  and a moderator of ICT4ELT session.

                                            I look forward to learn more from the opportunities Intel offers to educators around the globe.

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                                              I am Ummi Kalsoom from Pakistan. I am ICT teacher at one of most famous organization Roots Millennium School.I am ICT teacher of Grade1 to 3 and also taking Maths.One year before i have started this jobn, basically i have done my Msc Economics.

                                              I got opportunity to be the part of this community through a workshop conducted in our school really looking forward to learn more teaching technique and project based learning through such an informative resource

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                                                Hi, everyone!!!

                                                I'm so glad to meet you here.

                                                My name is Boonyeo Lee.

                                                I am a high school teacher of Busan International School in Busan, Korea.

                                                I have been a teacher 18 years since 1996.

                                                I'm teaching mathematics to 4 classes of about 30 students each and leading my school's Mobile programming Club.

                                                Besides, I teach teachers how to utilize ICTs as a senior trainer at Busan Educational Office and Busan Education Research & Information Center every summer and winter vacation.

                                                So, I always try to communicate, learning useful technology, sharing with them to change the way we teach for the future of our students.

                                                I want to design motivated and effective lesson plan to promote 21 century skills of my students.

                                                Also, I want to communicate with my students interestingly.

                                                So, I'm very interested in SMART education and project-based learning using effective advanced technology such as Intel thinking tools and educational system. Now, I'm trying to change the way I teach and my class.

                                                I participated in the Intel Asia Summit Conference in 2010, representing Korean teachers.

                                                After the conference, returning to my country, I didn't work on positive lines and I wasn't active as an Asia senior trainer because I was very busy with trivial works in my school. But now, I want to engage, learn and share, getting up my courage.

                                                Please, lead me on!!!

                                                Thank you for your attention.

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                                                  This is Namra Minhaj.

                                                  I work as a computer science lecturer in Islamabad College for Girls, F-6/2.

                                                  I did my post graduation in Information Technology with specialization in Neural Networks: Facial Expression Recognition System.

                                                  It is an immense pleasure for me to be a part of this project. Looking forward to working with Intel and gain new insights

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                                                    My name is Beth. I am an Instructional Technology Facilitator in Onslow County, NC. This is my 34th year teaching and my 7th year as a Facilitator. I absolutely love my job. I especially love teaching lessons with/for teachers. My most recent lesson was with 4th grade classes. I created a Google Trip to visit all the lighthouses in NC. I linked each lighthouse to a webpage which gave lots of facts about each lighthouse, including old and current photographs.

                                                    Looking forward to getting to know other newbies, as well as veteran members of the Intel comunity.

                                                    Beth Dail

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                                                      hey to all:

                                                      This is Anam zameer from Pakistan. Working at ROOTS INTERNATIONAL branch 77-A .I am attending Intel workshops now a days.its good to be a part of Intel engage programme. i am learning alot more from all of the participants and the trainer. I absolutely love my job. I especially love teaching lessons with or for teachers. Its good to have them all around.I am here to learn that how do i implement project base learning in my class. I've got so many things to learn and share with my colleagues at school.I am taking grade 2 and i love teaching them. I am teaching i.c.t .I want to make learning a fun for them.

                                                      HOPE TO HAVE GOOD TIME WITH YOU ALL

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                                                        I'm Sadia from Pakistan, i am just in this profession a few months ago after the completion of MBA. As my Bachelor was in Computer Sciences that's why i'm taking Computer Sciences and Maths of Elementary Level at Roots International Wah Campus. I want to join this community, after attending an informative and stimulating session on project base learning, conducted by Intel. I hope that after joining this platform, i can enhance my  skills by knowing about better ways of teaching to the students of elementary level. So i can do justice with my profession as well as with my students because i want them to be the best.

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                                                          Hello everyone! I am Maariayh Wasim, currently employed in Roots International School F-10 branch Islamabad, Pakistan. By profession I am an Electrical Engineer so I wanted to initiate Robotics at the school level. In my third year of BSC(EE) I participated in NERC, a robotic competion that's held on a national level, where I got 6th postion. This is when I knew I wanted to do something in this particular field. Not just that, my Final Year Project(FYP) also got 4th position nationwide. I have experience working in a multicellular comany, Mobilink and also teaching O-level students. Meanwhile I am working on the robotic proposals, I am also teaching Maths, Science, English and Social Studies to Grade V which is a great experience and honestly, I am loving it.

                                                          Nowadays, I am attending 'INTEL Essential Course' workshop so that I can improve my way of teaching and implement Project Based Learning in the class so that that my students know where and how are the things they're studying are actually applied in the industry.

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                                                            Hi, I'm Lisa Eckley and teach middle school science in a suburban, grades 7- 12 school in southern New Jersey. I'm taking my first Intel course, Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms. Although I've been using technology in class for years, I am learning so much and hope to incorporate more project based learning in my classes. I'm hoping to get a Robotics Club going in the middle school as well but I have a lot of research to to before getting the program up and running. I look forward to participating in some of the great discussion taking place online in education.

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                                                              Hola a todos


                                                              Reciban mi saludo de Paz y Bien, a la vez que les deseo éxitos en su noble y ardua labor en bien de la humanidad y en especial de los Docentes y los Estudiantes en el mundo entero.


                                                              Soy LEYDER CÓRDOBA GONZÁLEZ, docente de ÉTICA y RELIGIÓN en la Básica Secundaria en el primer colegio oficial de la ciudad de Santiago de Cali ( en el Valle del Cauca - COLOMBIA).


                                                              Mis estudios:

                                                              1. Especialista en Derechos Humanos y Currículo
                                                              2. Licenciado en Filosofía y Ciencias Religiosas.
                                                              3. Auxiliar Técnico en Administración con Énfasis en Gestión Empresarial.
                                                              4. Promotor Social
                                                              5. Diácono Permanente de la Arquidiócesis de Cali.

                                                              Es mi deseo cualificarme en las nuevas herramientas que nos brinda la tecnología y en especial  la Comunidad INTEL.


                                                              Dios les bendiga por este gran esfuerzo.




                                                              LEYDER CÓRDOBA GONZÁLEZ

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                                                                Hello, there.


                                                                I am currently principal of an early childhood center and a district curriculum and assessment director -- but I am here because I want to launch a blended learning charter school in Beaverton.


                                                                I am just beginning the process, and hope to open the school in Fall of 2015.  I have been principal of two online charters, and have worked in Beaverton School District as well. I still live in Beaverton, and want to create a new option for parents.


                                                                Looking for ideas, comments, and resources...


                                                                Don W. Brown, D.Ed.

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                                                                  Hello everybody,

                                                                  I'm from Italy. I teach Italian, history and geography in the middle school, K12. I'm very happy to join this community. I'm taking my first Intel course, Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms.

                                                                  I think is very important to share the experience in teaching and learning with technology.

                                                                  I'm a teacher's trainer in my country.

                                                                  I have a project about 1:1 computing in my classroom. In my school all class have an elearning course, in blended way. So our student can to keep in touch with each other and with teachers.

                                                                  I'm looking for improve my competence and tools.

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                                                                      Barbara, welcome to the Engage community from a fellow middle school teacher. I teach science in the state of Utah.I enjoy the assessment course and find it gave me ideas for my classroom. We have not started with blended learning in my school. What successes have you found using blended learning?

                                                                        • Re: New Members Start Here! (Jan-March 2014)


                                                                          nice to meet you. Thank you for your question about blended learning. I try to explain and share with you and with the community the successes with it.

                                                                          In my school we using the Claroline platform, do you know it? It's very easy to use.

                                                                          We sharing the file with students, students can work together, starting at school and going on at home, I use also for the interactive test. This is a very good way because the students have the feedback in real time.

                                                                          Also the teacher can work together and sharing the contents.

                                                                          The students every days are connecting each other with chat, with forum and with wiki. I believe  this is a goof way to engaging our student in the 21 th century.

                                                                          If you have any other question, I'll be happy to answer you.

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                                                                        My name is Thalia.  I work for AISD in the LSS/Discipline.  I have many family members and friends that are Educators and Administrators in Education in which I'm always engaged in conversation of new teaching and learning techniques.  I joined Intel to keep me abreast of all the new teaching, learning techniques and tools.  Intel will keep me being informed.  I like been informative when I'm having these discussions.

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                                                                          Mi nombre es Mery, soy docente de Educación Básica, con estudiantes de 6 a 12 años, soy docente del aula de innovación En Una Zona Rural, al norte de la ciudad de Lima,  estoy a cargo del Centro de recursos de mi Institución Educativa, especialmente con el manejo de la Xo. Tengo muchas expectativas sobre lo nuevo en herramientas de aprendizaje.

                                                                          • Re: New Members Start Here! (Jan-March 2014)

                                                                            Thanks to everyone who joined! We're excited to have all of you in the community. We'll draw for the prize soon, and make the announcement here.

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                                                                              Hello everyone! I am Anam Zameer, i am an employee of Roots International School,branch 77-A R.W.P pakistan.I am working in roots snice 1 year and i Teached ICT and urdu of grade 2.