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    Fun Activity- Dec 2013-Jan 2014- Is a Picture Worth a 1000 Words?


      It is said that “A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words…” So what does that really mean?  Is this saying really true?  As we celebrate the holidays all around the world in our Teachers Engage Community, let’s share some photos that represent who we are as a community. Use your favorite app, website and or digital camera to share photos of you and your family and friends.  We want your photos to represent Who You Are, both inside the community and outside the community. Share pictures of you at home, on vacation, having fun, celebrating tradition,  etc.


      Also share how you could use photos or a similar activity with your students or other educators.

      Participate in our Fun Thread between December 25, 2013 and January 20, 2014 to be entered into a drawing for a digital camera. We will be giving away two digital cameras.

      Note: This drawing will only become active when a minimum of 10 participants respond, which means in some cases, the drawing will take place after the above mentioned date. For a complete description and eligibility of Engage community drawings, click on the Intel Bunny Person.

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          I hope everyone had an awesome holiday. Don't forget to share what you and your family did over the holiday. We want to see you at home, with family and friends. Who are you Away from work?


          Attached is a picture of my babies spending the holiday at their granny. The middle picture is Simba being silly at his doggy training class.


          I used to use pictures like this with my students to humanize me as a teacher.  It is a great way to get to know others through photos or images. I used PhotoMess on my iPhone to create the collage.



          What stories do your pictures tell?

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            I use video more often than photos in the classroom, as it works well for immediate feedback for my students regarding musicality and performance.  However, if you were to spend more than 30 seconds in my classroom, you'd know that I love my two kids dearly, and I take way too many pictures of them with my phone.  This collage was made using Frame Swagg for iOS.  Top row is my 1-year old teether.  Middle row is the 4 1/2 hat wearer.  Holidays were fun for us!


            As an aside for Google+ users, they have recently begun making "Awesome Photos" from your pics that you take. Google will pick your best pictures, correct/remove the odd item that doesn't belong, create collages, create flip-book style movement pictures, and around December 27, it even made a photo montage of my year set to music!  Yes, it's a little creepy giving a company that type of virtual power, but it was also really cool!photo.JPG

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              My hobbies including biking (yes, even if it's snowing), hiking (I love my Utah red rocks, exploring tide pools, and riding roller coasters.


              I like how easily fotor.com's collage feature can be used and shared.

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                WE love to use the digital camera in our class. This holiday students created a gift by taking photos and using modpodge to cover their photos on a small bathroom tile to create a set of four coasters. They were so excited to have such a fun gift. We take photos of the class animals we have through the district's animal rotation program. This year I taught third grade and in Austin, Texas we are  lucky to be able to attend the Nutcracker Ballet!! I took photos of my students looking all elegant at the ballet!  Students use the Ipad to photograph their work (sometimes without permission!!).  Everyone loves a good slideshow of photos and illustrations of work (such as for the Science Fair). hedgehog.JPG


                                                            We studied the hedgehog.


                                                                                  nola collage.jpg




                Wow, learned how to use Photo Mess to make a collage of my visit to New Orleans to visit my daughter over  Winter Break.  The Intel Bunny got some beads at the Sugar Bowl parade!! We saw the historic plaque of Plessy v.. Ferguson ("separate but equal" segregation), we ate BBQ shrimp and saw the arquitecture.                                            Thanks Vanessa for sharing this app.

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                    I like the clean look and simplicity of your collage. Beyond a picture being worth a thousand words, the way they are displayed does the same. In the classroom, students so often start by just wanting as much "stuff" on their pictures, slideshows, movies, etc... The teaching point is helping them to understand how to use the actual composition, background, and layout to enhance their message rather than to simply add color and extraneous design.

                    This is especially true with slideshows like Powerpoint. The message is so often lost because the messenger gets so caught up adding fun images, transitions, etc. that they actually distract or overwhelm the viewer.

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                    I love spending time with the five cows and one bull in my backyard.  Celery is their favorite snack!  I hope we have some calves join the group this spring.  Photos provide a great way to share experiences.


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                      My favorite place to relax is in the garden and I used Smilebox, www.smilebox.com to put together the following collage. Overtime, using one page per tree and including photographs of leaves, fruits, flowers, etc. I built up a useful set of  laminated identification cards to use on ecology trips.

                      My haven of peace.jpg

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                        My life away from work is, more often than not, whatever my bosses say it will be.

                        my babies.JPG

                        My bosses are my babies- my pets.  [The Jack Russell is the "biggest" boss, obsessed with playing ball. Mao Mao is the outdoor cat who moved in on her own. Thor, the big apricot cat in the middle and center bottom- he is a total love-bunny. Sequel- the grey tabby is Thor's little brother- actually born an entire day later than Thor! He is the only shy one in the bunch. If you look carefully, you can see his kitten face in the cup of coffee- done with Photo Funia on my iPhone. Branna bosses me around in her own way, since she weighs more than me! Great Danes are a challenge on their own.] One cat isn't even mine... she just adopted our yard and decided it is her territory. This sort of reflects my life when I was still a classroom teacher. Many students would stay after school or nag me till I let them eat lunch in the room. They often brought students who were not mine, just like Mao Mao. Those students then adopted me as their "other teacher."


                        I really miss the opportunity to work with kids every day, using all sorts of ways to engage them. Photography truly is a powerful way to engage students and trigger their thinking. I used lots of primary source photos when teaching Social Studies to help students feel more in touch with the people about whom we were learning. I also used photographs (mine as well as those shared by students) to trigger and inspire writing. What a simple, yet powerful tool!


                        To do this collage, I used a free Google app call Photovisi... lots of cool layouts and graphics available!

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                          I love the different collages and the different digital tools that were shared during this activity,