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    Classroom Challenge – myBrainshark – January 2014


      Frontloading is a processing of making information available to students prior to teaching.  It can be used to set purpose, introduce new information, provide re-teaching strategies, present procedures for completing a task, share generic knowledge, etc.  By frontloading information you demonstrate respect for differentiation, give students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and build their skill level in preparation for classroom activities.  This allows the teacher to facilitate students finding greater success and providing strategies transferable to the academic setting.

      myBrainshark is a technology tool that can be used by teachers to frontload information and by students to present information to demonstrate mastery learning.


      What is myBrainshark?
      1. Create online video presentations then share and track use.
      2. Upload a PowerPoint or other file to create a video presentation then add your voice using a telephone, microphone or mp3 files. 
      3. Share video using email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
      4. Embedded code provided for use on blogs and websites.
      5. Videos play on computers, smartphones, iPads and other tablets.
      6. Add polls and surveys
      Learn:Classroom Strategies:

      Click here to browse myBrainshark catalog.  You can select presentations from the catalog or create your own voice-recorded presentations.

      1. Add voice to PowerPoint for frontloading information in video form.
      2. Narrate a document to create a talking paper.
      3. Add voice to images to discuss perspective and other art lessons
      4. Create tutorials, instructional videos, and other resources to support classroom activities.

      Click here to view myBrainshark introduction video and how myBrainshark can be used in the classroom.

      Register and use myBrainshark to create a presentation to frontload to students. Return to the thread, click reply and share your video presentation and how it was used in your classroom to engage learners.