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    Chat with Deb About Kahoot


      Greetings everyone and welcome to the debut "Chat with Deb".

      In this video I will be talking about Kahoot, a really easy to use student response system.


      Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 11.32.03 AM.png


      Click here for the You Tube video



      Resources from this video:


      Getkahoot.com and Kahoot.it


      Sharing Technology blog post


      Deb's email: nortond@ripon.k12.wi.us

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          Great overview Deb on the free mobile assessment tool of Kahoot. I liked the themed approach of how you tied it into Martin Luther King Jr's Day and the getting to know you as a teacher activity to become familiar with the tool. Thank you for introducing me and the Teachers Engage Community to the is new tool!


          This "Chat With Deb" video tutorial is going to support many teacher efforts to create and deploy a student freindly assessment to support BYOD and 1:1 initiatives. Jeff, my hubby,  has suggested that you could create another video channel for learning called "Mrs. Norton's Neigborhood" and share lots of "happenings" from you and your students classroom learning environment showcasing your new learning spaces you have created with your students. I think you could pull this off to give Mr. Rogers a run for his money :-) What do you think???


          glass in class.jpg


          More thoughts...We are thinking student videographers could capture you coming into your classroom with of course an upbat music jingle playing in the background the students have recorded, and the first thing you do is put on your Google Glass- and then you do a video capture panorama of the new learning space with your talking to provide the brief overview. Then introduce your student facilitators for the day and have them explain the design concept and layout of your new created space and how they learn best in this new space.  You have got me thinking again today :-)


          Brilliantly done Deb and thanks for all YOU do!

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              Hmmm. Mrs. Norton's Neighborhood?  I do like the catchy title.  Ask Jeff if he will be my production manager and bring his equipment to produce this show.  Perhaps the new classroom design will include a magic mirror.


              Now, as far as capturing the classroom remodel #throughglass and videographers, I think that is an amazing idea! I think the whole process should be recorded from start to finish #throughglass with students at the center of every part of it.  I sure do like the way you think! Thanks for the great ideas!

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              What a wonderful way to start the New Year... a free assessment tool with an easy to follow tutorial! What a name...Kahoot!


              For those readers not aware of the "behind the scenes" work you are doing, you have set yourself up as a wonderful role model for the Engage Community. The Engage Moderators have a monthly calendar (which Deb used first) to keep us on similar topics throughout the year (which Deb wrote about...Heroes).


              As the writer of Taming and Training the Technophobe, going from the simple to complex, your tutorial will make anyone feel comfortable using Kahoot. While watching your video, I thought of two items that relate to what we try to do here in the Engage Community: relevant material and helping others.


              With this month having the Theme of Heroes, and knowing that Shannon will be posting on Common Core, I thought of research that I have seen done on Martin Luther King, Jr. Validating resources is an important skill. One activity I have seen my Media Specialist do is to have students look up Martin Luther King. Students will immediately see a website with .org as the domain. Upon closer look, students will see that other sites list this hero as Martin Luther King, Jr. and further research shows that this website is hosted by Stormfront. So only looking at the domain doesn't guarantee that the resource is reliable.


              The other thought I had was what type of set up you used to prepare and post your chat. I think you used Google Hangout recording posting to Youtube and that when your picture disappeared in the bottom corner, you were doing a screen shot of a PowerPoint. Am I close? I would like to do a Taming and Training the Technophobe tutorial on how you produced your chat.

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                Thank you for this amazing introduction to a tool that can be used in a 1:1 or BYOD classroom. I love the games based approach this tool takes, encouraging students to participate to earn a place on the leader board! I also love that it is not device specific, and can be used on any platform with an internet connection! Thank you for sharing! Can't wait for the next installment!


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                  Kahoot has some nice updates and new features.  I've written a blog post which demos the new features.  Check it out!  Sharing Technology: Kahoot Gives Us New Choices and Updates!

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                    Thanks for this sharing Deb!

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                      May have to use this in some practice assignments I am creating for an ACT Prep class online. Thanks!!!