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    Looking for people I know



      I can't find the ones who helped so much when I first started using Intel and its Web 2.0 teaching tools.


      I am looking for those who got me started in Region 7.


      Can you help?

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          Bonnie Feather



          I would like to try to help you in this. I need to know more about the question. I see you are in Louisiana. Was it Susan Gauthier?



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            Hi Eva

            I am so glad to see you online! I hope your school year is going well. I have not heard from many people since my LDOE days so this is a nice treat. I left the department 3 years ago and unfortunately since I left they have discarded the initiatives which I managed. There is no longer a tech department nor a professional development one. The TLTCs no longer exist which is sad since they impacted so many teachers across the state. I do not have any information on the region 7 trainers. I know Nan was not picked up in Webster parish and I am not sure if she returned to Claiborne. I am not sure if you are in Bossier or Caddo but your best bet for PD or tech support would be your district since some districts do still have pd/tech depts. I am currently in EBR and I am a middle school librarian. I am not active in LACUE since I am very involved in the state library organizations but hopefully your area has a mini LACUE. I also look to this community for teaching ideas since it is very robust and definitely easily accessible. If you need any other information then feel free to private message me. I look forward to interacting with you in threads, webinars and activities in this community. Take Care, Susan

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                I think budget cuts have hurt professional development in many states. This past year, I was part of a brainstorm team considering how our state might deliver PD online. I am thrilled we were able to identify content and course designers who could make online PD accessible and understandable for teachers. PD options that were unavailable for years are now online and fill rapidly. Perhaps your district (or a nearby district) might include the Intel Elements courses as online PD. Do you know of any Elements course offerings in Louisiana?