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    SAMR Model


      Is everyone familiar with the SAMR Model? It's a great model to look at when gauging Technology Integration.

      Example: Coppell ISD has a great SAMR site: SAMR - Coppell iTeam

      How can this model help to deepen instruction in our classrooms?

      What models do you follow for Technology Integration?

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          Bonnie Feather



          I was not familiar with the SAMR model. I look forward to hearing from others regarding models they follow. However, the diagram on the SAMR Ladder was quite informative. It resonates with me regarding "teaching above the line" and actually changing teaching and learning. I have seen technology brought in to many districts and classrooms with no real understanding of the expectation of a change in methodology. In your district, how does the administration communicate with, model, and encourage teaching above the line with new technology?


          You may be interested in adding to this area I've linked to within the Engage community.



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            Hi Juan,

            I wrote a blog post about the SAMR model last July. I even created my own interactive image to demonstrate my use of the SAMR model. Click here to see my blog post. 


            Another framework that I really like for technology integration is called TPAK.  You can check it out at www.tpck.org


            Thanks for starting the conversation on the SAMR model. 



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              I like how the SAMR model (as I learned about it) builds on Bloom's Taxonomy. Teachers who are familiar with Blooms should be comfortable migrating to the SAMR model. I use the model to identify ways I might allow students to use technology in showing learning differently than they might previously have done. (I usually begin with the Bloom's concept and work out in the SAMR model to find several technology options.


              Have you seen less technology comfortable teachers use the SAMR model to become more at ease in using technology with students?

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                Im not familiar about SAMR ... Reading your discussions here.. ))

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                  Here is another graffic- Infographic.