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    Classroom Redesign


      I have been inspired by this Edutopia article on classroom redesign and by Naomi's most recent Digital Buzz Radio Show . My co-teacher and I are planning to begin a classroom redesign to clear the clutter in our classroom and also to provide our students with better learning spaces in our 1:1 environment.  We really don't have a budget for new purchases, so we will be looking for grants, donations, and creative ideas to help make some changes.  Our first step was to make a quick video showing the before of our classroom.  It looks pretty typical. 

      Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 7.07.08 PM.png

      Our next step is going to be to get student input to see what the students would like to change.  We're going to work on that over the next two weeks.

      We also wanted to get input from the Teacher's Engage community. 

      Here is a question we have for you:

      If you could make some changes in a classroom that would have an impact on student learning in the 21st century, what would they be?

      My co-teacher and I thank you ahead of time for your thoughts and suggestions.

      Deb (and Stacey)  

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          Your video does show a typical classroom. The formatting demonstrates a need for "technology" to fit into a 1:1 environment. If you are going to a full 1:1 environment, my suggestion would be to get more comfortable student seating. (E.g. bean bag or banana chairs would be more comfortable for using a laptop, Tablet, or similar device.)


          Do you already have the technology for the 1:1 classroom or is that part of your grant writing?

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              Hi Glen,

              Thanks for the suggestion of varied seating.  The students would definitely benefit from seating that is more mobile.


              Our classroom does not lack technology in any way.  We are a 3rd - 5th grade school with 1:1 laptops.  We also have many other forms of technology.


              As a 21st Century teacher with a masters in educational technology, our classroom is fully immersed in a technology rich environment and curriculum.  I think this video I created for parents about our classroom gives a great look into all of the technology we use and all of the 21st century skills that we incorporate every day.

              MPES 5th Grade Parent Video on Vimeo