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    Future Education Technologies...in the future!

      I came across an interesting article yesterday about past futurist technologies that were going to "change the face of education forever!"  Some of them are quite interesting in their near-correct visions.  The Electrified Books/Radio Books (ibooks, audible.com), Blackboards Through TV (Skype, Google Hangouts, Adobe Connect), Answer Machine (Search Engines), Videophone (Facetime/Google Hangouts) were especially prescient.  What of these "Future Technologies" do you use the modern equivalents to in the classroom?  Put on your Futurist Hat and share what technologies we will have in the future that will make teaching easier/more connected to our student learning?



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          Thanks for the article! I lived through some of those things and it brought back memories. I love technology and how it has made our lives easier.... I have recently upgraded to a new car with "all the bells and whistles".


          Lately though I have been going back to basics thinking what would I still be able to do if I was disconnected from my computer, phone, and car! I think of when the ball point pen and pencil sharpeners were banned from schools. What would our current student population do if they didn't have the current, or future, technology?


          As a "basic" type of person, I believe that unless we know how items are built upon previous knowledge, we may not understand how to modify what we have to make improvements. If we had a "time machine" of knowledge for every invention, this would help during our studies to see the evolution and thought patterns that brought us to the present. We can then do a "what if" at any decision point and see what the changed results would be. If instead of inventing the wheel we stayed with walking stilts. Image cars with four stilts.... oh, hasn't the Army developed a "pack mule" robot that walks on four legs?


          So, back to your question. Language has etymology making it easier to learn new words. Maybe Math should have numerology where we see the relationships between numbers (I still favor memorizing the multiplication table!)., and maybe Science can have inventionology so when we look at an item we can see the evolution of it. This would be putting the research library results directly into each item we look at.


          With technology making sharing of knowledge easier, do we want to forgot the basics? Do we want to make learning "so easy" we no longer learn perseverance and patience?