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    Business Education

      What are business teachers around the globe using to engage students around real world problems and solutions?  Let's chat, brainstorm and discuss ways to best prepare our future business leaders for college and career.  How can we utilize the corporate arena and a variety of resources to enhance instruction and push the envelope with our students?  What has been successful?  Join our Business Educator discussion by clicking the following link: http://engage.intel.com/groups/business-education



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          I am looking forward to joining this group and seeing how other people prepare their students. I am not a business teacher, or an actor portraying one, but I do have friends in the field that are always looking for new information.


          Here are links I have collected over the years dealing with Finance.


          I will save my questions for the group... but to get started for those not sure if they want to join...

          In the real world, would you be more comfortable dealing with a salesperson wearing/using Google Glasses to assist you, one standing at a terminal, or one that has the knowledge in their head(assume knowledgeable salespeople)?

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              Stacey -

              Thank you for your response!  Although you are the only person I seem to have interested in this conversation. 

              Wondering how to get this "group" going?  Twitter chat?  Youtube video?  Google Hangout? Thoughts...suggestions...

              Any feedback would be great. 

              Are your peer teachers involved in the community?  Can I invite them to join?


              I like your question.  I will save my answer for the group too!  Thank you for share on finance materials -  I will take a look now. 


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                Great resource, Stacey! Thank you for sharing!

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                Business can be viewed from two sides....selling and buying. In my earlier posting I mentioned what type of salesperson you would want to relate with.


                Another thought: When you are selling, do you prefer face-to-face, videoconferencing or phone calling? I was taught face-to-face and through educational webinars have become comfortable with videoconferencing. My son is very strong with phone calls.


                Does success in selling come down to how you present or how you understand your customer's preferred style of buying?



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                  Hi Mary,

                  I am a Business Teacher with NCVPS and look forward to being a part of this community.  There are a number of ways that you may involve other teachers.  You could create business cards, virtual and hard copy to share on websites, facebook and twitter.  The hardcopy can be shared at conferences, meeting and while networking.  I will share the link during our monthly virtual meeting and send it out through our list serve.


                  You can also start interesting discussions like PBL in your classroom or other hot topics of interest to encourage membership.  I am excited about the group and look forward to collaborating with a knowledgeable and creative group of exceptional teachers.  You can also get additional ideas from group quest. 

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                    I too am a Business teacher! Kindred spirits (you too, Gail!) I've apparently instilled some interest in my young daughter who now wants to a business major because, sigh, she thinks it'll prepare her for the world she will live in and wants to feel financially in control of her life. She feels like if she understands how to make decisions around money that she will be able to make good choices.


                    And then she really wants to see what she can do.


                    I'm all for including financial literacy and entrepreneurship in schools and I think they are important pieces currently missing in many programs. In a knowledge economy, each person will be judged (and paid) not for what they know (because facts are accessible to many already), but for how they can think through problems critically and use facts and data to solve problems. There's never been a more important time in education to stress the importance of these skills and our business departments. In these times of financial stress it's all too easy to see business as an "elective" instead of as an essential. I'm excited to participate in your group and think it'll be a very important conversation to have.


                    Looking forward to learning from all of you.