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    Intel Teach Live-February 2014-Pathways to Discovery:Answering Unknown Questions



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      What questions do you have about education? Life?  About the world in which you live? What questions make you go hmmmmm?


      As educators, do you allow students’ questions to drive your instruction? With so many standards and curriculum Roadmaps to follow, do you tell your students the questions they need to answer?  How can teachers allow students to seek answers to questions they may have? Is your classroom infused with project or product based-learning?

      We want you to post a pondering question, you may have? Answer a pondering question that someone else has or share how you allow students to ask such questions?  How can we empower students to seek their own answers to the questions that they may have? Start your pondering questions with the statement...What things make you go HMMMMMM?  What are your WONDERINGs?


      Share your ideas between and February 1  and March 22 to be entered into a drawing for an Intel Grand Bundle.


      Note: This drawing will only become active when a minimum of 10 participants respond, which means in some cases, the drawing will take place after the above mentioned date. For a complete description and eligibility of Engage community drawings, click on the Intel Bunny Person.