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    Classroom Challenge - Credly - February 2014


      Educational badges are being used by some educators as an alternative assessment tool as well as a means of motivating students.  Saga Briggs in her article "Out With the Degree, In With the Badge: How Badges Motivate Learning and 7 Tips to Use it Right", provides the following tips for spearheading digital badges: (1) start local:  schools should partner with local organizations (2) Start small: school attendance, honor roll, etc. (3) Start with service: volunteer or service learning, (4) Use different badges for different types of assessment (a) badge for showcasing achievement or potential - summative assessment, (b) badge for motivating individuals to learn = formative assessment and (3) badge for transforming or creating learning systems - transformative assessment.  There are a number of free sites that offer easy to create and share badges. They include Makebadges, Classbadges, and Credly to name a few. Today's challenge will focus on Credly and how it can be used to motivate learners.


      What is Credly
      1. Tool for issuing, earning, displaying and rewarding achievement in the form of digital badges.
      2. Allow users to use image library or upload images for creating badges.
      3. Badges can be emailed to recipients
      Learn:Classroom Strategies:
      Click here to learn how badges are being used in the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) environments and in the K-12 classroom.
      1. Summer reading programs
      2. Demonstrate extra curricular achievement
      3. Honor roll badges
      4. Meeting classroom milestones
      5. Recognize student work.
      Click here to view the Credly introduction video and how Credly can be used to reward achievement.Register and use Credly to create a badge and share it with students who are meeting classroom goals, have good attendance, etc.



      The Smithsonian offers limited edition digital badges for participation in unique educational events, programs and activities.in the MOOC.  I provide badges for A/B honor roll and successful course completion.

      credly honor roll.png

      What are your thoughts about using badges in your classroom/school and what classroom activities would you award students' badges?

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          Gail, I like how you have shared the idea of badges to student learning. Now ... I've got to test Credly and the other tools you mentioned. Hopefully at least one will not be blocked by my district. With the blocking of social media, how do you see students acceptance and use of these digital badges?

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              The nice thing about Credly is the ability to email the badge to the recipients.  So even though sites may be blocked in the school, the email capability allows me to email the badge to parents as well as the student. The use of badges with my students has proven to be a motivator.  They look forward to earning the badge and especially reading the acknowledgments in my celebration post. 

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              Thank you for sharing Credly!  I can't wait to check it out.  This past week I added badges to a blended online course that I am teaching using Schoology.  Schoology lets you create your own badges and award them to the students in the course.  Our students are earning badges for showing that they are proficient at the skills we are working on. So students can earn badges for writing Main Idea, Detailed Sentences, Editing etc.

              Screenshot 2014-02-02 07.45.54.png

              All of our students were very motivated to try to earn a badge, except one, who was upset when he didn't earn a badge.  This student, who has special needs, then refused to continue working.  So, badges worked the for majority of our students, but not all.  As I told my co-teacher, we will not stop using badges just because one student struggles with the concept of earning a reward.  Instead we will work with this student on learning how to handle successes and failures.


              I'm also interested in checking out Class Badges.  Have you used his site?

              And, our student teacher told us that in one of her college courses, her professor used Passport to award badges. This is a site out of Purdue University and perhaps a nice site to use with older students.


              Thanks again for sharing!

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                  Hi Deb,

                  Thanks for sharing the resources. It gives teachers additional tools to examine before deciding on the one that is best for their students and school environment.  For the student who has given up, is it possible to award her a badge in stages and provide reteaching activities so even though she may not have mastered a concept the first time, she has some token of success and can continue working to earn the other pieces of the badge. You could use one of many puzzle sites to create puzzles pieces of the badge and award it in increments Photograph Puzzle Maker. It would appear something like this: badgepieces.png

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                      Wonderful resources! Can't wait to try them. Love the idea of giving badges in stages. When you do present badges in stages, do you get more continual motivation or do you prefer the all or nothing approach to keep motivation going?



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                          I look at sharing badges in stages as an opportunity to reteach concepts and motivate students to master the information before moving to the next lesson.  Often we teach students, test them and move to the next lesson. Providing a badge in stages gives students the chance to find success and master concepts necessary to be successful.  This can also take in consideration, issues that they may have at home that might have prevented them from mastering a concept.  It considers children who may have been ill or absent during parts of the lesson from no fault of their own.  Badge staging motivates the students to keep working.  It has been helpful in motivating the students that I work with 100%.

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                      I Have used badges in high school setting. It is like a digital sticker and they will do anything for a sticker.

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                        This may have already been addressed but when you teach a certain age group (middle school), how can badges be effective for them?  Most of them think it is immature and childish so what would you suggest to do to make them enjoy the badge system?

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                            There are many things that you can do to motivate students with badges.  Try placing a banner outside the door to honor students who have received badges.  Have parents donate items to be given to students receiving badges.  I once visited area businesses and asked for donations for my classroom.  The badges were used to bid on the  items collected from the businesses. 

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                            Seems like this would be perfect for an online class. I am going to start working this into my civics class tomorrow. I will repost to let you know of any feedback that I get.