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    Who are you...?

    Bonnie Feather

      I was just reading a discussion on Diigo and it made me think that we might want to share our identities on some social bookmarking sites.  After all, it's great to find wonderful sites bookmarked and tagged by like-minded individuals of the educator-type.


      On Delicious, I am featherb

      on Twitter, I am bfeather

      on Diigo, I am bfeather


      I know that once I see the bookmarks of others, I will never have time to sleep again!  Share who you are if you are interested!



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          As asked by Bonnie here are my details:


          On Delicious, I am ScienceGeek

          on Twitter, I am Gardenglen

          on Diigo, I am Gardenglen


          Are you surprised at how many times I use Gardenglen? (I'd started with ScienceGeek - but then found someone else was using it - so I changed.)


          I like Bonnie's suggestion that we follow each other and sharing bookmarks and ideas with each other. Please add your information below!

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            You so beat me to this. I was thinking about posting this earlier this week, but thought for sure it had been posted already. Thanks for doing this. Yes it is a great way to keep up with everyone since it seems we have to share our time between Twitter, Engage, Facebook, email, etc etc etc.

            Twitter             summersj

            Delicious         j_summers

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              Bonnie and Jill I've added both of you to my networks. Thanks for providing your information. Now, who else wants to play in this sandbox?

                • Networking
                  Bonnie Feather

                  I have added Glen and Jill to my networks on all three sites.  I just love the information I get from these sites!  Sometimes folks ask me when I have time to keep track of all this...and I tell them about ways to check in once a week or so.  It is so helpful to use these sites to share educational *finds.* I am careful to follow professional folks and not just friends who want to tell me when they are watching TV.


                  Also, in the Intel Engage Community, I sometimes wonder if I should be sharing things that are less related to our Intel activities...

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                      I have to admit, I could not live without my social networking. I am like you in the fact that Twitter is strictly for educators and technology folks. I try to be responsible in only posting things that are relevant to those followers. I leave the "other" stuff to Facebook, which is my down time....if there is such a thing.

                      Of course some of my Twitter friends are also my facebook friends so they get to hear work related stuff and kid stuff too

                      With the wealth of technology that is available, you have to have help finding it and using it. There is no way one person could tackle this vast ocean of information alone. I like the fact that engage is a place where I can get sound advice from people who really know the information.

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                    I want to play too!!! So here are my identities...

                    On Delicious, I am lcsheehy

                    on Twitter,  I am lsheehy

                    on Diigo, I am lsheehy


                    I am adding all of you too!

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                        I noted you added me as a friend on these sites. I've returned the favor. I like how easy it is for each of us to gain strength from the rest of the group. Welcome and thanks for joining in!

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                          I am Zahinah Zahoor. I am working in Govt.Comprehensive High School for Girls. I teach Maths And Chemistry to grade 9& 10.

                          Iam connected with Intel  since 2002. Ihave done Intel courses of Getting Stated, Essential course and now a days I am participating in Intel Essential course Version 10.1.

                          I have a good news to share with all of you , that Computer science as a subject is introduced in class 6 from this academic year.

                          I hereby invite all of you to comment that what will be the advantages of introducing the  Computer science as a compulsary subject .

                          I wil be waiting for th ecomments.



                          Zahinah Zahoor.

                            • Welcome, Zahina!
                              Bonnie Feather

                              Hello!  I looked at your photo in the other discussion regarding the visit from government personnel.  I am fascinated by all of your beautiful salwaar kameez.  (I have no idea how to spell that!)


                              It sounds as though you have been active with Intel Teach for some time.  I'm very glad to see you in the community and hope that you encourage your participants to join in as well!


                              You may wish to also post your introduction in the discussion on "Who is in our Community?" 


                              I look forward to seeing your comments and suggestions in the community!

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                            Great idea, Bonnie!  I'm like you.....I won't sleep either.  Now I have new resources to check out.


                            Diigo - dgoodman_1958

                            Delicious - dgoodman_1958

                            ikeepbookmarks - dgoodman

                            Facebook -Deborah.B.Goodman

                            Twitter - dgoodman

                            Second Life - Daggit Haggwood

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                              on delicious------thisdoug------

                              on twitter ------dougemints----

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                                on diigo------- dodydiaa

                                on delicious -------Diaa Hassan

                                on twitter ------- dodydiaa_2012

                                Facebook ---------dodydiaa2012