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    Did You Know Webinar: Pre-Activity


      This coming Wednesday we kick off our quarterly webinar series "Did You Know?" that covers our community platform's features and functionality. We're excited about this new series and the potential to help you get the most out of the community. In each session we'll cover a set agenda with a few topics (this quarter is all about your profile different types of content), and also have time to discuss questions and issues from community members.


      If you've registered or not (if you haven't and would like to do so, click here), we'd like to hear from you. Between now and Wednesday afternoon, please think about the following and reply to this discussion with your ideas:

      • What would you like to know how to do?
      • What is something you think would be cool, but you're not sure the community platform can do it?
      • What do you think is the most useful/interesting/innovative functionality in our community?


      We'll highlight these ideas and answer your questions (or at least try to ) during the session. If you can't attend, these webinars will be recorded and posted in the community for you to view and share later.

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          It is so wonderful to be able to get first hand knowledge on how to effectively use the community to collaborate, discuss and share ideas.  I am so happy to see that the focus is on the initial entrance into the community; registering and completing the profile.  As we begin the "Did You Know" series, I would like to begin the discussion on how we can make our personal information secure and not open to anyone who may want access to it. I think it would be cool if we could have talking avatars that would allow us to share information or an introduction with a click of the mouse. Although there are a number of useful functions in the community, the one that I think is unique among other communities is the ability to create groups; private, open, secret, etc., and create blogs, upload documents, share information useful to a concept, idea, curriculum goals and other areas of interest with like minded users.

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            Being a member in the community since first launched , a lot of improvement has been and still being done.


            concerning the questions above :

            - I want to know how to host webinar .


            - I think if the webinars were more interactive between the host and the guests, this would be cool.


            - As it is clear from the 2 points above, I think webinars are the most useful and interesting functionality in the community. Also I like the facilitation material for the elements short courses. The community discussions are very useful to read and to share ideas as well.

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              Hi Mahmound,

              Do you have ideas for webinars?  Are you inquiring about instructions for hosting a webinar or are you interested in presenting one?