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    STEM Snacks: The Data analysis app


      Data_Explorer.jpgI'm somewhat tired of having students manually graph data they collect in science labs. I began thinking – technology … there has to be a better way! DOH STEM!

      I have used Vernier's LoggerPro software with laptops in my classroom. This year my district began allowing teachers to “approve student devices” in the classroom. I realized I should consider possible apps that would benefit my students.I reviewed possible apps. I was thrilled to find Vernier's Graphical Analysis is available for iPads and Android tablets. This software, however, requires a large screen size. So I continued searching.


      I found Data Explorer (iOS) and was very pleased with the analysis it allows you to do.


      I hope other Intel Engage community members will share their favorite app for analyzing data. Please include the name of the app, the platform it operates on, and cost.


      Please also share your thinking on these two questions:

      1. How will analyzing data benefit students in math?
      2. What impact will this type of data have on  ELA Common Core objectives?
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          For analyzing data, I love gapminder.org. I do not think it allows you to create, but as a history and social studies teacher, it is top notch. I think ELA teachers could use a graphing app to challenge students to use vocabulary words in their everyday life. Maybe even leave the app or website open so that at some point during the class students could log how many times they worked in various vocabulary words into their IMing the night before.

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              Thanks for the suggestion of Gapminder.org as a data tool. I appreciate your suggestion on how the ELA teachers can use data to enage students. I'm thrilled with your suggestions on how you use the tool with social studies.


              Do you or others know of a data app that can be used to create and/or analyze data on an android device?