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    Reporting Live From SxSwEDU and other educational adventures...


      SxSwEdu is an educational conference and festival that takes place in Austin, Texas about a week prior to the famous SxSw  Music Film Interactive.


      “Education’s most energetic and innovative leaders from all backgrounds of the learning landscape including teachers, administrators, university professors, business and policy leaders converge each March at the SXSWedu Conference & Festival. The four-day event is a platform for the growing SXSWedu community to connect, collaborate, create and change how we teach and learn.”


      See Video about SxSwEDU


      If you are attending SxSwEdu or any other conferences, share what you learned, viewed or liked with our Teachers Engage Community. We are particularly interested in Gaming Sessions.

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      Wish I could be there!

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          I have never attended, but I was checking out the schedule, and there were some interesting items that stood out to me.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to actually listen to the presentations.


          So....Live from, my home, on my couch and with my laptop....and I've cut and pasted these from the SXSWedu Schedule.


          Here's one that sounds hugely interesting and helpful:

          The Power of "The How": Process-Based Instruction

          Monday, March 3
          1:00PM - 3:00PM
          Hilton Austin Downtown Room 410
          500 East 4th Street




          Karena Salmond
          Performing Arts Workshop - Program Dir




          Kimberlee Salmond
          Girl Scouts Research Institute - Sr Research Strategist


          In this workshop, complimentary youth serving organizations discuss the importance of process-based instruction to success in formal and informal learning environments. Kimberlee from Girl Scouts will present the impact of girl led, learning by doing, and cooperative learning on leadership outcomes. Karena from Performing Arts Workshop will share how the Cycle of Artistic Inquiry (doing, reflecting, revising) supports discovery. Participants will also engage in direct process-based instruction.

          Event Type:
          Best Practices & Implementation
          process-based instruction outcomes 21st century skill

          - See more at: http://schedule.sxswedu.com/events/event_EDUP22637#sthash.13ngEMAn.dpuf



          On Gaming:

          ListenUp! SpeakUp! GameUp! A Game Data Discussion

          Monday, March 3
          1:30PM - 2:30PM
          Hilton Austin Downtown Salon K
          500 East 4th Street






          Allisyn Levy
          BrainPOP - VP, GameUp




          Jessica Millstone
          Joan Ganz Cooney Center - Education Fellow




          Julie Evans
          Project Tomorrow - CEO




          Robert Torres
          Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Sr Program Officer



          This panel brings together education, game development and research experts come for a discussion of the ways games ignite the hunger for learning. You'll hear the perspectives of parents, teachers, and students as well as ideas for leveraging their diverse knowledge and views. Delve into the disconnect between research and practice, with national data from the Gates Foundation, Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, and Project Tomorrow's Speak Up Survey results.

          Event Type:
          Panel Discussion
          Gaming & Virtual Learning
          games research learning


          ← Back to Schedule - See more at: http://schedule.sxswedu.com/events/event_EDUP20160#sthash.5MOWIBB8.dpuf



          Also on Gaming:

          Game Dynamics Can Be a Game Changer in Learning

          Monday, March 3
          4:30PM - 5:30PM
          Austin Convention Center Room 18ABCD
          500 East Cesar Chavez Street




          Nolan Bushnell
          BrainRush - CEO


          Brain science has shown that active learning can achieve, in many instances, over 10X acceleration in the speed of learning, with better retention, compared to traditional methods. And just as with the best video games, technology now enables educators to personalize instruction to target each learner with exactly what he/she needs to develop skills and achieve mastery. Learn how games and game dynamics can be used by schools and teachers to maximize outcomes.

          Event Type:
          Featured Session
          Gaming & Virtual Learning


          ← Back to Schedule - See more at: http://schedule.sxswedu.com/events/event_EDUP990925#sthash.SHUu4lYk.dpuf

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            I know it's a few weeks late, but I wanted to still share...(Not Quite)Live From SXSWedu Playground...

            I had the opportunity to join BrainPop at their GameUp booth on the last day of SXSWedu as a teacher "Pop Star." I was able to talk to educators around the country and world about BrainPop, BrainPopJr, and especially their Gameup games. Just like many of us, I use BrainPopJr on a regular basis (almost weekly) addressing all subject areas usually to introduce a topic, to provide additional information, or even as a review or reteach. Whole group I show the video, answer the quiz, and read the Pop a Joke. If there is time, we will do the game whole group and occasionally print out the activity to do at a later time. In the computer lab, after completing their weekly assignment, students are able to chose additional videos of their choice to watch and play the games, too. I didn't realize that there were additional games to chose from by going to: http://brainpopjr.com/games (or brainpop.com/games for grades 3+). Some of these games are created by Brainpop but many of them are created by other companies they have partnered with, many of which were at SXSWedu. You can search games by subject area or skill. There are a large number to chose from in brainpop (brainpopjr has just started adding more) and more are added all of the time. With the older students, they can take screen shots of their progress in the games, and type and explain their thinking to their teacher, etc.. and it will email that information to the teacher.  I also learned that in Brainpop you can go to Brainpop Educators http://www.brainpop.com/educators you can create your own quizzes, there are additional resources, and so much more! I'm so glad I had an opportunity to spend the day with our friends from Brainpop!