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    Classroom Challenge – Vialogues – March 2014


      You want them to bring their devices, but how do you use the devices to keep them engaged?  There are many challenges with BYOD; one being to use the device effectively to engage, motivate and use the power of the internet to empower students to master concepts taught.  See INTEL’s BYOD toolkit for additional information. This requires a change in teaching and learning and the roles that the teacher and students play in the learning process.  Teachers become facilitators, presenting a problem aligned with the curriculum and students become the master of their learning and harness the power of the internet to research and provide a solution to the problem presented.  A tool that can be used to support BYOD and mobile learning is vialogues.


      What is


      1. Asynchronous video discussion tool used to leverage digital videos for learning by adding group interactions
      2. You can upload original video, embed one from youtube or use videos from the vialogues video library
      3. Vialogues support interactive video-driven discussions.
      4. Create a group and send unique link to participants on private vialogue or make the vialogue public
      5. With the question feature, you can create surveys, polls, or multiple-choice questions in the same way as you would add a comment.

      Click here to view videos in the Vialogues library and consider ideas for using it in your classroom.

      1. Keep students current with news casts, press conferences and raw news footage with students commenting on information.
      2. Record and upload classroom lectures so students can annotate the lesson with their questions and comments.
      3. Use vialogues to allow students to critique literature, art, assignments, etc.



      Click here to view the Vialogues introduction video and how vialogues can be used to collaborate and encourage whole group discussions beyond the classroom.  The vialogues help provides FAQ's and additional support.

      Register and use vialogues to create a video discussion  and share it with students for whole group discussion.