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    Creating Posters for Projects: Techno_solver helping Technophobes


      Intel Teach Live had a wonderful session in February. If you haven’t seen it, it is a MUST! The topic really makes you think of …well, everything! It even helps you determine how to think of the unthinkable!

      So now it is my turn to step in and help those technophobes or those with questions to put this into motion. It was mentioned in the broadcast that Microsoft Publisher was used to make posters. Publisher is easy to use; however, some schools have not purchased it.

      If you do use Publisher, practice first to determine the “right” size for your posters and to make sure you can print correctly. There are many tutorial sites and videos. My first “go to” for many tutorials is Internet4Classrooms. When your posters are finished, you can save them as PDFs and then upload to many different online services, making the posters available 24/7.

      For those that do not have Microsoft Publisher, what are your options? There are many online websites that provide the option of making posters. Some posters stay digital, while others can be saved and placed in other sites or printed. You will have to determine which option is best for you. Consider ease of use, ease of collaboration and of course, ease of presentation. Michael Sheehan in his blog, SeekOutLearning, has a nice list of poster creating options. Med Kharbach in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has an easy to follow step by step process on how to use Google Drawing to create a poster.

      I love to use Thinglink, Glogster, Stipple, and even VoiceThread to make digital interactive posters. Again you will need to determine if you want to stay digital or print out your projects and place them around the school. As with Microsoft Publisher, there are many wonderful online tutorials available.

      If you do want to print out a LARGE poster, consider using BlockPosters. This online service enlarges any picture to any size you want!

      With all of these websites being mentioned, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how to use one gmail account to accommodate students’ emails. If you deal with students that do not have emails, many of these websites accept a modified gmail account. Please check to make sure the site you pick for your project accepts this alternative email method. The method? Create a gmail account for your school or class. An example is IntelTeachLive@gmail.com. Then assign to each student a modification of that “parent” email. IntelTeachLive+Sam@gmail.com or is you do not want to use names, you can use numbers. Any email sent to “Sam” would actually be received by the main email.


      What poster creation system do you use if you want to print out posters? Which do you use for digital display only? What system have I missed?


      In this post I have listed several great websites. Please take a moment and take the survey below to help us create a database of all of the links in the Intel Forum. Here is a link if the form does not work.