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    The New 1600


      The world was rocked by the announcement yesterday that the Scholastic Aptitude Test is changing again for the Spring of 2016 (previous is a link to the College Board's website with details). Among the major changes are less random and more applicable vocabulary and the recently added essay portion will be optional.

      What are your thoughts on these changes? With more colleges accepting the ACT (last year, for the first time ever, more students took the ACT than the SAT), are colleges and test makers missing the mark by not adding a technology component? Is it enough for students to show mastery of verbal and mathematical logic, or in the current world should we also make sure our students are adept at things other than Tumblr, Instagram and Bevo? What sorts of things would show up on a technology aptitude test? How could the ACT and SAT integrate technological prowess, or should they?