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    Life Bettering?


      I recently acquired a new 2 in 1. I love it very much, but it is my first Windows 8 device. I have been a Mac guy for about 5 years now, other than a Windows 7 Laptop that I use primarily for teaching online and working with course revisions in Moodle (some of the software does not play nice with Mac). I was shocked to see how sophisticated advertisers had gotten, sure i was use to pop ups on Facebook and ads prior to PBS and YouTube videos, but I was really taken aback to find text inside a virtual class linked to Life Bettering and Savings Bull.


      Long story short, I went to one of my groups here on the engage community (who better to ask), and Stacey Lazarus had an incredibly though provoking response that i thought should be shared with the wider community, it follows:



      "If you CLICK HERE you will find an answer to you ad issue. (sorry, there is no link and no answer)


      Ads are part of our society, and we can turn this negative into a positive! How often do teachers talk about Internet safety and the sharing of information? How often do teachers talk about how people are enticed to buy, or do things, that they really don't need or want to do?


      The tools we use today are really cool.... phones, tablets, touch screens, the list goes on...   and how people trick us into doing things have "improved".


      If you use Chrome as your browser, there is an app called adblock.


      So,,, in the education arena, do you talk about ads and how to determine good from bad.... or simply how to ignore them? Do you /know/use a different pop up system?"

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          Life Bettering......I now have a Windows 8 touch laptop.  I was very hesitant at first at using the touch feature, probably due to the fact that I hadn't used one before. I now love to just use my hand to scroll to the docs and things that I need rather than going to the start button.  Although Windows 8 looks very different that Windows 7, there are some great features in getting to things in a little quicker way.  It's just getting used to something new. 

          Just so you know, I still have my Windows 7 desktop and a Windows 7 laptop as well.  What is your favorite?  Windows 7 or Windows 8?

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              So far, I think I like 8 better - It makes more sense with the Apps and feels like the portable devices that I have gotten used to using. The ads threw me for a loop, but I think I have gotten that situation under control (I did go a bit crazy in the store the first day, like you do).

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                I've played around with Windows 8 with touch and non-touch computers. At work, I use both Windows and Macintosh computers. I find my fingers consistently moving to the screen on ALL computers to interact with the screen. Coworkers often ask what I'm doing when my fingers to go the screen as I am reminded the computer I'm using does not have the touch feature. While I've used and liked Windows 7, I think I enjoy the touch screen.


                My dislike of Windows 8 (based on a setting I've not changed yet) is how touching the screen always brings up the on-screen keyboard. I'd like this to be turned off if I've got an external keyboard attached. Has anyone figured out the trick for this yet?