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    Spring forward with Encouragement


      With the spring time quickly approaching, what might be some great ways to encourage your fellow teachers in using online resources and tools within their teaching?  What might you do to help them? 

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          One method I like to use when supporting teachers with online resources calls for the use of a curriculum map.  The map provides a “Visual Timeline” of the educational activities of every classroom within a subject area, grade level, school building, or across the school district.   The curriculum map is organized into an easily accessed visual that presents a timeline of instruction by teacher and course.  Specific content, skills, and assessments are documented on the map. 


          With this information in hand it becomes easier to support instruction with online resources and classroom tools.  I also like making cross-curricular connections when the math teacher sees what the science or social studies teacher is planning.  Sometimes this leads to adjustments in the subject timelines to allow for associations between common or connected content during a shared time frame. 


          When introducing new online resources to support the curriculum map activities, it may be necessary to model the use of these tools for teachers and students.  Creating a video showcasing the online resources would also be a great way to support teachers and students.

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            I like to 'rave and rant' through group emails with my staff and colleagues when I discover a new app or website that would be useful in our classrooms or personally.  As a media specialist, I get lots of referrals for new applications coming through district communications but my teachers are not always on the same listservs.  By playing with the app or exploring the website I can become a good reference point for the teachers who are always looking for the latest and greatest to try.