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      Just read this article and thought I would share, after all, it is kind of what this community is all about! Share your reactions and spread the word!


      Teaching in the New (Abundant) Economy of Information | MindShift

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          Interesting article, but I would have written it differently. For years we have been hearing that instruction has to be student-driven and that teachers are no longer sage on the stage, but guide on the side.


          There still needs to be sage stuff going on, if only to know how to set up "discovery" learning with proper resources. In the "good ol' days" of World Book Encyclopedia (I had my own set!), I also had access to several "rag" magazines. Now, students have access to everything in one spot-the Internet. Location does not prove validity, which is why teachers are still needed.


          There are many resources out there to help teachers and students determine validity of sites, which could then give the students more freedom to explore.


          Do you have any favorite sites to teach about safe searching and validating websites?